MacCast 01.01.2004
wedge Opening

wedge Ode to Rock by Manda and the Marbles
Ode to Rock
* Courtesy of Marc at Addison Records

* Album "Angels with Dirty Faces" will be released February 22, 2005

* Send me links to RIAA free music. Please.

wedge News

wedge "Sugar" really iWork '05?

* ThinkSecret
* Will include Keynote 2 and a new app called Pages

* Unclear if it will include spreadsheet functionality

wedge Pages was originally called Document, but abandonded.

* "This is a Document document". Confusing?

* Pricing unknown. Keynote currently $99 and Appleworks $79

wedge Emails and Feedback

wedge Sending Voice Emails

wedge Audacity
Audio comment
* Multi track audio editing
wedge Mail Voice Clip
* From Mike Whitman

* Acrux Software
wedge Other audio recording apps

wedge Sound Studio
* Felt Tip Software

* Came with my iBook

wedge Peak from Bias
* Peak - Stereo editing, mastering and processing

* Deck - Multitrack

wedge Closing

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