MacCast 01.05.2004
wedge Opening

wedge Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
Say Anything - Manda and the Marbles
* Album "Angels with Dirty Faces" will be released February 22, 2005

* Send me links to PodSafe music. Please.

wedge News

wedge Apple drops Cinema Display Prices

* 20-inch model for $999 ($300 drop)

* 23-inch HD model for $1,799 ($200 drop)

* 30-inch HD model for $2,999 ($300 drop)

wedge Apple Enterprise News

* XSan network attached storage file system ships

* New Dual 2.3 GHz XServe G5

wedge Flash iPod Update
* 1GB for $149, 2GB for $199

* Falling flash prices from Samsung have enabled larger capacities

* Will feature a screen same width as Mini but 2 lines shorter

wedge iPod Mini Bump to 5GB

* Hitachi's 1-in. drives will double in capactity in 2005

* 8GB and 10 GB coming

wedge Man sues for being 'forced' to buy an iPod

* Thomas Slattery of San Jose, CA alleges Apple broke antitrust laws by allowing songs purchased from the store to only work with the iPod, shutting out competitors.

wedge Emails and Feedback

wedge Joe - Audio comment on help for new users
Audio Comment from Joe
* Apple's Discussion Forums
wedge Podcast Critiques

* Alternative to "You Guys"

* "really, really" Shek influence?

* Apple "Q88" picts on the web site
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