MacCast 01.26.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
Say Anything - Manda and the Marbles
* Anybody wanna do a MacCast theme?

wedge News

wedge MacMini no longer available on

* Target says due to availability

* Speculation that 10% discount codes brought price below wholesale. Not likely in my opinion

wedge Apple Release Security Update 2005-001

* This update includes the following components:
at commands

* New naming scheme using year and 3-digit number

wedge Google Launches Television Search Engine
* indexed video and transcripts of TV shows that are searchable

wedge Apple Drops prices on Mac Mini options

* Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme wireless options are now priced at US$99.00 down from $129.

* The 1GB DDR333 SDRAM upgrade is now $325 instead of $475.

* The 80GB ultra ATA hard drive upgrade now goes for $50 rather than $80.

* Apple will refund the difference to customers who purchased before the price drop, but you need to call.

wedge Apple Stock at all time high

* Clsed today at 72.25 per share

wedge Web Hosting and Colocation Using Mac Mini
* Underwriters Technologies' Mac mini colocation is housed in Austin's Data Foundry facility, a former bank vault where space is at a premium.

wedge iTunes Music Store Downloads Reach a Quarter Billion

* Current download rate is 1.25 Million songs a day

wedge Lost 1984 Macintosh Video
* Steve Jobs announcing the Macintosh

* Shows the Mac speaking

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Cracking the Mac Mini

* Good article on MacWorld
Mac Mini: Inside and Out
* Video on Smash's World 6.8A web site
* Feedback from listeners who have done the upgrade

wedge Quick Impressions of iLife '05

wedge iPhoto updates are the most extensive

* Love calender sorting

* Save slideshows and books. Although iPhoto crashed when I was editing books.

wedge Haven't looked at iMovie or iDVD much

* New iDVD theme swith motion "Drop Zones"

* Add your own images right into moving elements on the menu backgrounds.

wedge Recording this podcast on GarageBand 2

* Music Notation generated on the fly from MIDI. Can also edit in Music notation mode.

wedge John Chambers - The One Minute
John Chambers-note
* 4-Year old with iPod shuffle

* Offer Mac Tip Podcast

wedge Voting
* Changed. Can now vote per day.

* Need more votes to get back into the top ten.

wedge Closing

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* Show notes.

wedge Keep emails coming. More audio comments

* 206-222-2788 (20-MACCAST-8)

wedge I Hope I Die Before You Do - John Hoskinson
I Hope I Die Before You Do - John Hoskinson
* Orange County Register named his CD the #1 CD of 2004.

* Also plays guitar in the Eugene Edwards Band