MacCast 01.31.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
wedge News

wedge PowerBook Speed Bump Arrives

* 1.5GHz G4 on 12" and 15" Combo Drive Models

* 1.67GHz G4 on 15" SuperDrive and 17" Models

wedge Faster Graphic

* 12" NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 with 64MB of DDR SDRAM

* 15" ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 with 64MB of DDR SDRAM

* 17" ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 with 128MB of DDR SDRAM and dual-link DVI. Supports 30" Cinema Display.

wedge Hard Drives

* 12" Combo Drive 60GB Ultra ATA/100; 5400 rpm

* 12" SuperDrive and 15" 80GB Ultra ATA/100; 5400 rpm

* 17" 100GB Ultra ATA/100; 5400 rpm

* SuperDrive Models now support 8x SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)

* 512MB RAM Standard on all models. Only uses 1 slot on 15" and 17" models

* Airport Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0 Networking Built-in

* Keyboard Backlight on 15" and 17" models and is 10 time brighter with minimal batter impact over previous models

* New trackpad with Trackpad Scrolling. Use two fingers to scroll through documents.

wedge Sudden Motion Sensor drop protection.

* The Sudden Motion Sensor senses change in axis position and accelerated movement. In the event of a drop or fall, the Sudden Motion Sensor instantly parks the hard drive heads so they won’t scratch the disks on impact, lessening the risk of damage and improving your chances of retrieving valuable data.

* Price drop of $100 - $200 on most models

wedge WalMart Selling iPod Mini's in Select Stores

* Won't confirm which store or comment on rumors that they will sell the iPod Shuffle

wedge Apple beats Google as Brand with Most Imact for 2004

*, an online magazine dedicated to branding.
* Reader's Choice award for the brand with the most impact.

* Bets Google which has won the past 2 years

wedge WiFiTunes lets you Stream to your PocketPC
WiFiTunes - Alpha
* Aspecto Software

* Browse your iTunes Library and stream MP3s to your PocketPC. No AAC support yet.

* Alpha so use at own risk

wedge Apple Software sales up almost 40% over last year

* Report in the San Francisco Chronicle

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

* Joe has VNC Comments on Last Show

wedge Greene future Interview on PearPC

* PearPC Project
PearPC Project
* Lets you install and run OS X on a PC

wedge Why are Podcasts in MP3 not AAC

* Comment from Andrew

* New version of iPodderX will convert to bookmarkable AAC
wedge New Feed Location—maccast
* Now through FeedBurner
* Please resubscribe in your iPodders. This will help me get stats on how many people are subscribed to the feed.

wedge Closing

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