MacCast 02.04.2005
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wedge Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
wedge News

wedge More on G5 PowerBook

* Funny picture from Engadget of what it would look like if they currently made a G5 PowerBook

wedge Article on cNet News discusses "Strained Silicon" process that will make G5 PowerBooks a reality

* A new chip-making process using something called strained silicon promises to produce a less-power-hungry G5 chip that will make a PowerBook G5 a reality. The new process allows the CPU’s transistors to be sped up, improving clock time without requiring more power.

wedge ITunes Pepsi "Bottle Songs" SuperBowl Ads leaked

* Ad 1 on Different District shows popular songs coming from Pepsi bottles when opened. People in funny situations.
iTunes Pepsi Ad 1
* Ad two features the song "Rich Girl" by Gwen Stefani featuring Eve. They make an appearance in the ad.
iTunes Pepsi Ad 2
wedge Napster's compeating ad - "Do the Math"

* $15 a month service allowing unlimited downloads to one device in WMA format. If you stop paying songs will no longer play.

* In Napster's 30-second ad in the third quarter, viewers will see a camera pan the stands of a Super-Bowl-like game. There are the usual shirtless rowdies who've spelled out "Napster" across their bellies.

The camera finally comes to rest on Napster's feline icon, who holds up a sign that reads: "Do the Math. How much will it cost to fill up your player?"

wedge Reviews

wedge Olympus VN-120PC Digital Voice Recorder
Olympus VN-120PC Digital Voice Recorder
* Reviewed by MacCast listener Paul Spradling

wedge Sample rates

* HQ:16.0kHz / SP:10.6kHz /LP:5.75kHz

wedge Do have Mac Software - DDS Player for Mac OS X

* Avail in Support Downloads area of the site.

wedge The new DS-2 looks like it may be great for PodCasting
Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder
* 64 MB Storage for $149.99

* Sampling Rates:
SHQ 44.1kHz:128kbps
SSP 44.1kHz:64kbps
HQ 44.1kHz:32kbps
SP 12kHz:13.7kbps
LP 8kHz:6.3kbps

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Overclock your Mac Mini

* Article shows how to turn that 1.25 into a 1.42—macmini

wedge Call in Contest

* Not had our 8th caller yet. Voicemail had issues so I am opening it up to email entries.

* 8th person to call the Hotline 206-222-2788 (20-MACCAST-8)

* Tell me the title of the 6th track on John Hoskinson's CD Miscelleneous Heathen wins a free copy of the CD

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wedge Superhero - Slide

* Another artist in Sweden