MacCast 02.07.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
wedge News

wedge SuperBowl Ad Results

* Apple didn't do great (27th), but did better than Napster (last) in USAToday poll. SuperBowl Ad Poll
* Can see all ads including the banned ones on iFilm
iFilm SuperBowl Ads
wedge Domain Name Exploit effects Safari, FireFox and other non-IE Browsers

* Phishing scam exploits Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)

wedge Called Internationalized Domain Names, the standard allows companies to register domain names that appear to be the same in different languages.

* Basically uses International characters (unicode) that look like standard characters in your browser to register "fake" domains.

* Example of the exploit can be found here—idn
wedge Fix for FireFox

* 1) Goto your Firefox address bar. Enter about:config and press enter. Firefox will load the (large!) config page.

2) Scroll down to the line beginning network.enableIDN -- this is International Domain Name support, and it is causing the problem here. We want to turn this off -- for now. Ideally we want to support international domain names, but not with this problem.

3) Double-click the network.enableIDN label, and Firefox will show a dialog set to 'true'. Change it to 'false' (no quotes!), click Ok.

4) go to Tools/Options/Privacy and clear the browser's cache and your done.

wedge PodBrix Mini IPod LEGO figure
* Limited edition of 300 for $16.99

* Currently sold out by more on the way

wedge Reviews

wedge Pinnicle Systems MovieBox DV—MovieBox DV
* Analog to DV converter box

* Convert old VHS and Hi-8 movies to DV for use in iMovie

* Listener Zack's audio comment

* No mac software included, but works great with iMovie. Reports of lots of issues and crashes on PC with included software.

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Greg - Comments

* Me injecting more of my personality into the cast

* PodcastTuner - I mentioned on the 2.2.2005 show
wedge Aaron - GIMP for OS X

* Gimp is the GNU Image Manipulation Program,
and image editing application with comparable features to Photoshop 5

* Arron offers an OS X installer for GIMP
* Requires X11 from Apple
X11 from Apple
wedge Mark - VNC and Security

* Using SSH to tunnel VNC

* VNC "FAQ-o-Matic" website
wedge Michael - Comments from PC switchers

* What was the experience like? How difficult or easy was the transition?

* What about transfering data?

wedge Great Comment from Michael

* I have an old G3 500 iBook that I use almost every weekend when I'm
away from home. It was something I inherited and unfortunately it's
too low-spec to use exclusively, plus I've got years and years of
email and other things on my PC, so I'm stuck with VNC for the time
being. For a long time the iBook ran YellowDogLinux exclusively, but
with the latest OS X (panther I guess), I've completely switched to OS
X and I love it. However, for the reasons mentioned above, the iBook
is mainly just a VNC thin-client. Nevertheless, I open and close it
probably 30 times a day, and it stays on (w/out reboots) for weeks at
a time, basically from update to update. That kind of rock-solid
stability is unimaginable on my Windows machines. In fact, I've never
had Panther crash or freeze on me in any way, and I don't baby that

wedge Contest Winner

* 8th person to contact the MacCast was John

* 6th Track on John Hoskinson's CD Miscelleneous Heathen was "Waiting for Someone to Call"
wedge Closing

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wedge Hiding - Future Shock

* Shoutout to sister Kate, who is a Mac technician in the UK and MacCast listener