MacCast 02.14.2005
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wedge News

wedge Lawyers for Mac Sites Seek to Block Subpoenas

* Lawyers for and AppleInsider asked a California court on Monday to block subpoenas seeking to identify the source of leaked product details

wedge Two Independant California Apple Reseller Shut Down and Blame Apple

* Two independent Apple dealers in California have shut their doors, blaming Apple's dealings with them for their inability to maintain operations. San Francisco-based MACadam, which had been in operation for 16 years, and Sacramento-based MacOnline both closed January 28.

wedge Apple makes changes to UK iBook repair program

* Apple is now charging UK customers shipping and handling fees for repairs unders its iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program, which provides free repairs for faulty components in older versions of its consumer laptop.

wedge iTunes Music Store Offers GRAMMY Discounts

* One day after the 47th Annual Grammy Awards was broadcast, Apple has announced a special promotion for the U.S. version of Apple's iTunes Music Store: They're offering special pricing on all albums that feature a Grammy award-winning track -- US$2 off the price of the album, lowering most of those albums to $7.99. The store has posted a list of this year's winners.

wedge Motorola E1060 iTunes Compatible Phone

* the first music handset to support Apple's iTunes.

wedge Features

* 1.3 megapixel camera for still photos or video

* a VGA camera for 2-way video conferencing

* Bluetooth wireless technology, and audio and video streaming with playback support for MPEG4 (AAC), WMV/WMA and MP3 files.

* 32MB of internal memory and is expandable up to 512MB with removable memory.

* Motorola said iTunes will become the default music player on Motorola handsets, but that it won't be an exclusive deal.

* Available in the fourth-quarter of 2005. Pricing was not announced.

wedge Jobs calls Disney's Eisner a "loose cannon"

* Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs isn't letting Disney CEO Michael Eisner get the best of him. During a conference call with analysts on Thursday, Jobs referred to Eisner as a "loose cannon" when asked about a dig Eisner took at Pixar last week at a Disney investor conference. Responding to a question about Disney's own digital movie efforts, Eisner described the computerized human characters created by Pixar as "pretty pathetic" compared with the ones Disney is creating with veteran animator Glen Keane. Jobs said sarcastically: "Our films don't stack up to 'Atlantis,' 'Emperor's New Groove' or 'Treasure Planet.'" Jobs then made the loose-cannon reference, saying that it explained why Eisner would say such a thing.

wedge FastMac Mac Mini Upgrades
* FastMac on Monday announced its Take-Your-Mini-to-the-Max upgrade program for all models of Apple's Mac mini. Apple introduced the Mac mini in January at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco. FastMac upgrades for the Mac mini include an 8x SuperDrive, 1 GB of RAM and 100 GB hard drive priced at $199.95 for each upgrade. Upgrades from FastMac include prepaid 3-way shipping, installation, data transfer, and a 1-2 business day turnaround.

wedge HP VP of Marketing quits and Joins Apple

* Allison Johnson, HP's senior vice president of marketing, is leaving HP for a position at Apple.

* She will become vice president of worldwide marketing communications for Apple, reporting to CEO Steve Jobs

wedge Celebs at Apple Stores

wedge Fun WIRED article on how stars behave while purchasing Apple products
WIRED- Celebs at Apple Stores
* Melanie Griffith threw a tantrum when she was unable to buy a pink iPod mini early last year, according to the sales associate who tried to serve her.

* Robin Williams took his picture on every computer with a camera attached and left the portraits open on the desktops.

wedge Next Version of RedHat Linux to Support PowerPC

* RedHat plans a version of Fedora 4 that will support PowerPC Processors

* Scheduled for release May 16th

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Getting Outlook Data from your PC to your Mac

* Mike Whitman recommends Outlook To Mac

* $10.00 from Little Machines
wedge More advice for Switchers from Jim

* MacArs Technica
Macs on ArsTechnica
* 2. Three step guide to moving from Outlook on the PC to Mail on OS X
3 Step Guide to move from Outlook to Mail
* 3. uControl from GnuFoo—ucontrol
* 4. USB Overdrive
wedge Mac to PC Switchers

* To be fair and balanced here is a Mac to PC Switcher story
Skyler Mac to PC Switcher
* Also from Michael

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