MacCast 02.16.2005
wedge Opening

wedge New Opening Sweeper by Listener Robb

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

* If anyone else wants to do an Ad, sweeper or ope ner I can use them.

wedge News

wedge High School Student in NY getting Robbed for iPods

* Transit police say a doubling of robberies in recent months

* Headphones are tipping off thieves.

wedge Switched to Mac. Apple wants to talk to you

* Apple is looking for PC users who recently switched
Tell Apple about your Switch
* They want to hear about your experience. I guess they don't listen to the MacCast?

wedge MacCast Ad From Andy

* Play ad and comment

wedge Merrill Lynch bolster Apple/Sony partnership rumor

* Began with the appearance of Sony President Kunitake Ando at MacWorld

wedge Speculation of 3 possible products

* iTunes-like iMovies Store

* A high-performance Apple workstation using the new Cell processor (a joint venture of IBM/Sony/Toshiba)
The CELL Processor
* A network-centric TV with computing for handling the next-generation of entertainment feeds

wedge Motorola E1060 is NOT the iTunes Phone

* "The E1060 was used to demonstrate the iTunes client; however, it is not our iTunes product"

wedge Mac Mini AV Dock Concept

* Wordman has posted a concept more a Mac Mini AV dock over on his Asteroid blog
MacMini AV Dock Concept
wedge Apple Unveils OS X Tiger Retail Packaging

* The retail box is pitch black with a shiny platinum "X" that extends the full length of the packaging, complete with shadow effects to provide the illusion that the "X" is extending off the surface of the box.

* Tiger releases in the first half of 2005

wedge Rumors of new iPod Minis

* Ship times on Mini at International Apple Online stores change from next day to 8 days. Same thing happend in US on PowerBook 1 week before the new models were announced.

* Possible 25% increase in storage capacity to 5GB due this month?

* Does anyone care?

wedge Apple agrees to stay subpoenas against Mac sites

* Apple will not serve the subpoenas until after the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, California has held a hearing in early March on the EFF's request for a protective order for its clients.

* If the protective order is granted, Apple would be prevented from filing subpoenas against both PowerPage and AppleInsider to get information about the identity of their source.

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Apple, Napster Swap Jabs Over Security Flaws

wedge Steve sends an email to record label alerting them to a "flaw" in the Napster Service

* Plug in for WinAmp to intercept the audio stream coming off the sound card.

wedge People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

wedge Richard - eMac vs MacMini

* Same specs, once you factor in VKM about the same price

* Possible cable mess with Mini

* What is future of eMac?

wedge Comments on Website Say MACadam not such a victim

* There are a couple of comments on the site that contradict the news media. Interesting.
wedge Randy comments on MP3 cell phones

* Play audio comment

wedge Closing

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