MacCast 03.02.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Mystery Mac Mini Connector

* Could it be for an integrated iPod dock?—macmini_ipod.html
* Has a Firewire controller and connectors

wedge Stream audio to AirPort Express from any program

* Airfoil from Rouge Amoeba—airfoil
wedge Apple 24 hr Chat support

* Available to iMac Customers who purchased in the last 90 days—chat
wedge iTunes Downloads pass 300 Million

* Apple stated that the total purchases and downloads from the iTunes Music Store have topped the 300 million mark

wedge More "Asteroid" Breakout Box Evidence

wedge AppleInsider has found a hidden .tiff file within GarageBand 2 labeled "asteroid.tiff".

* The file appears incomplete and is unable to be opened, but can be clearly seen in the package contents.

* sources told AppleInsider that Apple has "postponed the project indefinitely" due to poor initial execution.

* MacRumors readers have found within iLife '05 Install DVD/Individual Packages/Packages /GarageBandApp20.pkg/Contents/ Archive.pax.gz - Asteroid Max Volume, Asteroid Min Volume, Asteroid Slider, Select Asteroid Input and many, many others.

wedge iSight Revision Due Soon?

* Low levels in the Supply Chain

* Would be the third revision. Version C

wedge eMacs replace in children's area of some Apple Retail Stores

* Think Secret reports that some stores have replaced eMac in children's area with 17" iMacs

* Possible phase out of eMac at least at Apple Retail

* AppleInsider claims that a revision to the eMac lineup has been in the works for the last six months, and is waiting for Apple to give the go-ahead for a full production ramp.

wedge Jef Raskin passes away at 61

* Jef Raskin, the interface expert credited for the original Macintosh, passed away this weekend from pancreatic cancer at age 61.

* Raskin joined Apple in 1978 as the 31st employee and spearheaded a small team on a project that would become the Macintosh.

* Credited with naming the Macintosh after his favorite fruit.

* Raskin left Apple in 1982 after a falling-out with Steve Jobs.

wedge Migilia Technology announces Evolution TV—evolutiontv
* Mac Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

* USB 2.0 connectivity

* MPEG-2/4 and DiVX hardware compression.

* TitanTV scheduling

* iCal and iMovie integration

wedge More Apple Reseller Stores Close

* Canadian reseller First Avenue closes after 20 years

* Ottawa-based B.Mac Le Magasin Inc., which closed three of its four stores in the Montreal by September 2004

* Apple will open Toronto store on May 21st

* Florida-based MacCenter ceased consumer sales, business sales and service for Apple products as of February 28, 2005.

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Troy - Answer to Bill's Powerbook DVD burner issue

* Play audio

wedge Users reporting Dim Mac Minis

* Listener Daniel reports that many Mac Mini owners are reporting having dim screens when attached to VGA devices.

wedge Entourage to PC Attachment Fix

* Listener reported attachments arriving to PC users as .DAT files

* Play audio feedback

* The problem is with Entorage's default encoding which is AppleDouble Byte

wedge Gary Question on Map Software

* Play audio question

* Mac equivalent to MS Streets and Trips

wedge Matt Hack to use Shuffle on more than one computer

* Shuffle can only be attached to one copy of iTunes

wedge Jeffery - Camino vs. Firefox

* Firefox replaced Camino as far as I know.

* Both based on Mozilla open source browser from Netscape

wedge Manuel - Saft IDN Spoofing Fix Plug-in for Safari
* Displays alert in Safari warning of possible spoof

* Compatibility problem with PithHelmet recommended earlier

wedge Sam - Safari Plug-in to block Pop-Unders

wedge Aswad - Pod2Go Review

* Play audio review
wedge Apple Stuff on the Cheap

wedge Mark mentions iPod closeouts at MacMall
* 4GB Mini $179 and 40GB Photo for $379 ($50 more than current 30GB)

wedge Cody 14 and looking for older iBook with Warranty

* Look at Apple certified products
Apple Store - Apple Certified
wedge PowerMax Pre-Owned
* 90-day warranty

wedge Darrell - Bluetooth Mouse issue

* Mouse isn't recognized when waking from sleep on PowerBook 1.5GHz

* Has to open up bluetooth file exchange and try to browse the mouse. That obviously doesn't work, but it does get the Powerbook to probe the mouse-- after which the mouse works.

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