MacCast 03.07.2005
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wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Hong Kong Company Claims iTunes Patent Infringement

* Pat-Rights patent covers the verification of a single user before permitting the user to download tracks.—raid
* So they claim the process of "authorizing" your computer to play purchased iTunes tracks violates the patent

* Want 12% of all iTunes and iPod sales.

* Will eventually go after other services using the same model.

wedge Advanced Audio Devices also Alleges Infingement

* Advanced Audio Devices has sued Apple claiming its iPod music player violates one of its patents. The Chicago Tribune reports that Advanced Audio told Apple in December that the iPod infringed on its Music Jukebox patent

wedge Motorola iTunes Phone announced this week?

* Motorola is expected to announce its first handset with iTunes integration on Thursday, March 10, according to a Newsweek

* At CeBit 2005 in Germany

wedge First iPod Retail Store appears in San Luis Obispo, CA

* Retail store dedicated to iPods and accessories

* Broke out of MacSuperstore in SLO

* Picts and article on—ipodnews_comments.php
wedge Apple Rumor Sites file for Dismissal

* The dePlume Organization has filed a special motion to have Apple's lawsuit against Think Secret dismissed on First Amendment grounds.

* The California law protecting confidential sources shields only broadcast media and "periodical publications"--not the Web.

wedge Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Update

* 11.1.1

* The update includes improvements to Excel add-in calculation, improves stability for PowerPoint and Word, adds support for new device drivers and improves the appearance of imported graphics.

wedge Jacksonville Apple Store

* Apple will open a new retail store in Jacksonville, Florida, on Friday, March 18.
Jacksonville, FL Apple Store
wedge Canadian Apple Store Open Date Retracted?

* Management for the Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto has retracted its claim that a grand opening date for the Apple store had been set.

* Originally reported as May 21st.

wedge Apple Web Site Anomillies Might Signal Tiger Soon

* At least a half dozen tipsters have written in over the past week to point out an abnormal occurrence on Apple's Mac OS X download Web site. Present in the far right sidebar under "Categories" appears three new options: Automator Actions, Dashboard Widgets, and Spotlight Plugins. All three link to non-existent pages, but will soon act as a repository for Apple-approved Tiger add-ons and scripts.

* AppleInsider believes that Tiger is now fast approaching completion, and will likely reach Gold Master status sometime in the next 60 days

wedge Shuffle supply has Greatly Improved

* There are reports from many retailers that they have been receiving significant quantities of the iPod Shuffles.

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Peter - How to Create a PC Formatted CD or DVD on Mac

* Play Question

* In OS 10.3 it automatically creates a Hybrid CD or DVD

wedge For 10.2 or earlier check this article on Apple support web site—article.html
* Basically for 10.2 use "Use when burning a HFS Plus/ISO 9660 hybrid disc."

* For 10.1 choose "Standard (HFS Plus/ISO 9660)"

wedge AxsDeny - Help with connecting SGI Monitor to Mac

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* Picture on Blog

wedge Sam - Firefox Quit Twice

* Play comment

* BookMark Synchronizer is a FireFox Add-on

wedge Shayne - How Do I set Up ShowNotes

* Use OmniOutliner Pro 3.0

* Exports Dynamic HTML and OPML

* $69.95 USD, they have a Basic version for $39.95

wedge iPed Review

* Thought Out
* $25.99 USD. Available in Grey, off white and now Bright White

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