MacCast 03.09.2005
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge CherryOS G4 Emulator for PC Launched

* Runs OS X on PC. $49.95. Free Trial offers 15 launches
* Some say it is a rip off of OpenSource PearPC project
wedge Linux Creator Uses a Mac, but not OS X

* Linux creator Linus Torvalds isusing a dual-2GHz Power Mac G5 (running Linux) as his main desktop--mainly for work reasons

wedge Terrasoft Offers Yellow Dog on bootable iPod/Firewire Drives

* A bootable iPod or FireWire drive contains a full installation of Yellow Dog Linux which can be used as an external, bootable drive. All applications, data, and /home directory information is contained in this palm-sized medium, offering an unprecedented level of portability as users can boot G4 and G5 Apple computers from the iPod or FireWire drive, leaving internal drives untouched.
wedge Sony Takes on Shuffle

* Sony announced 9 new Walkman flash Players

* 50-Hours of playback and a 3 line screen

* 512MB $130 USD and 1GB $180 USB. Add $20 for FM Tuner versions.

* Apple stock dropped 5% on announcment

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Bret - What are iGeeks

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* FeedBurner has feature to track Podcast subscribers
wedge Kahn - PodcastAlley Voting and DVD burning

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wedge Kevin - Recommends Bookmarkable AAC for Podcasts

* Doug's Scripts for iTunes—ss.php
* QuickConvert will convert into many formats including bookmarkable AAC

* iPodderX has built in feature to convert Podcasts to bookmarkable AAC
wedge Michael - How to print Selected Text in OS X

* Can you print only the selected text in a document?

* $24.95 PrintMagic from MacEase
wedge Nukes - MacDad Blog

* Listener has a great web site where he shares stories and experiences of converting to Mac and trying to get friends and family to do the same.
wedge Shayne - Backup Options for OS X

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* 1) If you have a .Mac account you can get Backup2 from Apple for free. It allows you to backup to disk or removable drives and can be scheduled.
* 2) SilverKeeper is a free backup utility from LaCie and does basic incremental syncing of files and can be scheduled.—SilverKeeper
* 3) Dantz Retrospect Desktop is a commercial app ($99.00 USD) that should meet most backup needs.
Dantz Retrospect Desktop
* 4) Carbon Copy Cloner is a utility that will create a complete bootable backup image of your entire drive. It also offer syncronization and scheduling of backups. It is also free.
Bombich Carbon Copy Cloner
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