MacCast 03.12.2005
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Tiger in April?

* Think Secret reporting that Apple will officially announce Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger's release at an event in early April and will begin shipping the operating system within two or three weeks afterwards.

* They are saying the announcement will be April 1st and that reliable sources are setting the release date as April 15th

* Use your refund check to get Tiger.

* Checkout Apple's Tiger Preview website—tiger
wedge New iMacs and eMacs coming too

* Think Secret is also reporting iMac and eMac updates also in April

* The iMac, code-named Q45 C/D, is expected to come in at 2GHz but with few other changes.

* A faster eMac upgrade is also expected with speed bumps possibly up to 1.5GHz, and video upgrades.

wedge Wisconsin wants iPod Tax

* Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle now wants his state to start collecting taxes on digital music, videos and software.

* Level the playing field between offline and online business

* Many states already impose what is often called a "use tax," which is essentially a sales tax applied to goods purchased from out of state businesses such as through a catalog, a 1-800 number, or online.

wedge Microsoft discontinues MSN for Mac

* Microsoft is planning to notify customers this month it is discontinuing its MSN for Mac OS X internet access service as of May 31.

wedge Everybody Dance Again

* Apple Pro article on Scott Weintrob—weintrob
* Shot a video for the re-release of C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).

* He was armed with only a Canon digicam, a PowerBook G4 and a powerful portable stereo. He shot and edited all his footage and burned the completed video to a DVD within a week.

wedge MacRumors eludes to PowerMac future

* Apple CHUD Developer tools eludes to possible support for quad processor Macs

* CHUD also includesinternal references to a processor called the PPC 970MP.

* The 970MP was described as a dual-core processor with two interconnected microprocessors each with its own 1MB L2 Cache.

wedge Jobs net worth on the rise

* Steve Jobs has a net worth of $3 billion up from 2.1 billion last year. He ranks 194th on the Forbes list of the world's richest people

wedge Issues with new PowerBook Trackpads

* Apple's new patent-pending scrolling TrackPads, which lets users scroll through large documents by touching the pad with two fingers instead of one, has been inconsistent and unacceptable to some early adopters

* The most prominent issue appears to be random and erratic behavior of the TrackPads on the new 12 and 15-inch PowerBooks. A variety of other complaints include irritably slow mouse tracking, customers receiving shocks from the PowerBooks due to static electricity and TrackPads failing to respond at all for short periods of time.

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Mac HitTest

* Disclaimer: NOT work or kid safe

* From Jan Polet's cousin, who is a Mac Geek

* Check out Jan Polet's real hit test Podcast—hittest
wedge Lance - Issues with Airport and Linksys Router

* Play audio question

* Already has all the latest updates for both router and airport

* The PowerBook and Linksys communicate, but no IP address assign. When he logs in from a PC and resets the Linksys from the admin console it give the PowerBook and IP address.

wedge David - Charging iPod via USB, but not Syncing

* How can he use the USB port on his PC to charge his iPod while listening to it.

* Doesn't want to buy another Apple USB AC brick.

* He does not want to mount or sync it with iTunes, just charge it.

* Maybe a USB cable that only has the power and ground pins active.

wedge John - How to print selected text using OS X Services

* John from the One Minute Tip (and Kim) had answer to listeners question on how to print just selected text in OS X
* Play comment

wedge Steven - Question on Mac Secruity and Maintainence

* Play Question

* If you want virus protection for your Mac I would recommend McAfee Virex If you have a .Mac account you can get it for free.—virex.htm
* Great article on the MacWorld site. It outlines 8 steps you can take to keep your OS X machine running smoothly.—index.php
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* Mike from Thought Out is offering a discount for MacCast listeners

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iPed for $19.99
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