MacCast 03.14.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Apple in Talks with HipSolve Media
* HipSoft makes, iHoopla a Windows-based software which offers music labels and publishers the ability to distribute their music directly to customers, complete with digital rights management.

* Cuts out the need for middle men like iTunes Music Store, allowing labels to sell protected music direct to customers.

* Apple has made a $3.6 million offer to quietly take over the company

wedge DOOM 3 for Mac Ships

* Aspyr ships Doom 3 for Mac. Should be in store March 19th.
wedge iPod Shuffle Rip Off. Apple weighs legal options

* Taiwan's Luxpro, unveiled an iPod shuffle clone (Super Shuffle) last week at the CeBIT trade show in Germany last week.
* Identical in size and buttons. Adds voice recording and FM Tuner.

* Even ripped off the advertising.

* Apple, "Our lawyers are in the process of weighing legal options"

wedge Apple Hires former Microsoft Exec

* Fuling rumors of an iTunes Subscription service. Apple has hired former XBox Live exec, Julia Miller

* XBox Live uses a subscription model which is fueling the rumors

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Peter - Shows power of GarageBand And Soundtrack

* I'm a new listener in Silicon Valley, CA. By day, an investment advisor and
financial publisher, by night my old musician nature comes out
of hiding, and I may be found drumming with friends, or playing with
Apple's GarageBand or Soundtrack software.

* Created using all Apple Loops in Soundtrack

* Play song - Set Me Free

wedge Jeroen - iScroll 2 for pre 2005 iBook and PowerBooks

* iScroll2 is a modified trackpad driver that adds two-finger scrolling capabilities to supported pre-2005 PowerBooks and iBooks on OS X 10.3. Supported models include aluminum PowerBooks introduced from 2003 to 2004 as well as all G4 iBooks.—~razzfazz
* Has linear and circular scrolling

* Complex uninstall so be warned.

wedge Answers to David - USB Charging without Syncing

* A number of listeners say the best way is to "hack" a USB extension cable.

* Jwahar says: grab a usb extention cable (Type Male A to Female A usb cable), cut it, there will be 4 wires, plus shielding. Connect only the Red/Brown wires.

* The Red/Brown pair carry the power. (The Yellow/Blue the signal)—usb4.htm
* Dalila says, I eject my iPod from PowerBook, the
"do not disconnect" screen goes away and I can access my iPod.
It continues to charge and I can listen to it.

* Danny says, One way to prevent syncing (when iTunes is installed) is to hold
command-option (Mac OS X) or shift-control-alt on Windows after
plugging in the iPod. This will prevent synchronization, or the
message asking to link the iPod with that library. It is possible you
would still need to unmount it; I'm not sure how it works on a PC.

wedge Sebastien - Stop iPod/iTunes connect jump

* When you connect your iPod and it shows up in iTunes the focus shifts from your library to the iPod. Is there any way to stop that. It's annoying.

wedge Answer to Lance - Linksys router not giving DHCP Address

* Dennis, run repair permission in Apple's Disk Utility

* Jim says, I had a similar situation where the laptop would connect, but never load a DHCP address for the laptop. As it turned out, I had an encryption level mismatch. I had set up my base station for the highest level of encryption, but the ibook did not support that encryption level. It is possible that your listener's 802.11.b router can only handle a lower level of encryption and the PowerBook is set for 128 bit or higher encryption.

wedge Correction - Discontinued MSN Service

* Richsad points out, they were discontinuing the Mac version of the MSN browser which was a quick way to access all the MSN services. Not dial-up service.

* All the services are still available to Mac users, they will just need to use a "regular" browser (firefox, safari) to access them.

wedge You need AppleCare

* I would advise anyone buying a new Mac to pay for AppleCare—AppleCare
wedge PlayPod Promo

wedge A Podcast Client from IggSoftware—playpod
* Auto convert to bookmarkable AAC

* Podcast previews

* Scheduled Downloads

wedge Also check out iBiz (formerly iWork)—ibiz
* iBiz is an easy to use time-billing and invoicing application.

wedge Closing

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