MacCast 03.16.2005
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wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Apple Joins Blu-ray Disc Association Board of Directors
* Blu-ray Discs will have five times larger capacity than today's DVDs, with a single-layer Blu-ray Disc holding up to 25 gigabytes of data and a double-layer Blu-ray Disc holding up to 50 gigabytes of data. Current DVDs hold 4.7 gigabytes on single-layer discs and 8.5 gigabytes on dual-layer discs.

* Board of Directors consists of Apple; Dell Inc.; Hewlett Packard Company; Hitachi, Ltd.; LG Electronics Inc.; Mitsubishi Electric Corporation; Panasonic; and many other. Over 100 companies.

wedge Rumor: Apple May Be Increasing Standard RAM

* AppleInsider reports Apple will boost standard RAM in all models to 512MB by mid-year. Around the time of the relase of Tiger.

* In January, made 512 the standrd amount of RAM in all G4 PowerBooks

wedge Rumor: Finally a Two Button Apple Mouse?

wedge AppleInsider reports their sources say Apple is "feverishly" working on a two button optical mouse it intends to release.

* Why? Apple needs to as it attempts to claim market share from Windows. PC users expect a two button mouse.

wedge Also, the company is expected to introduce updates to both its AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express products in the coming months

* One hot, but unconfirmed, rumor is that Apple may be considering the addition of a standard optical audio out port to its AirPort Express product. The current version ships with a 3.5mm mini-Audio jack for analog or optical digital sound, but requires that users purchase a $40 kit to tap the optical interface

wedge Steve gets his annual $1 salary

* Jobs also did not receive stock options or restricted stock from Apple last year.

* In March 2003, Jobs voluntarily canceled all of his outstanding options, excluding those granted to him in his capacity as director.

* Jobs is Apple's second-largest shareholder, with more than 10 million shares, or 1.23 percent of the company's outstanding share count

wedge iTunes Mototrola Phone Delay

* Due to differing opinion on how early to display soon to be relased products.

* Motorola does it months before the product goes on sale. Steve opinion is if you announce it on Friday you sell it on Monday.

wedge New Tiger Build Sent Out

* Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Build 8A41 is rumored to be one of the final builds before the OS goes Gold Master.

* Still know issues with iTunes syncing, probels with 1.33GHz 14-inch iBooks, some of which cannot boot from the DVD, as well as some Z-class Lexmark USB printers.

wedge Apple Responds to G4 Trackpad Issues

* Recommend using only 1 finger operation as using the new two finger method can cause "erratic behavior"

* Can reset the trackpad by placing your entire palm over it for 3-4 seconds.

* Apple is aware of the issue and investigating a resolution.

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge MacCast HitTest #2

* Jan Toilette Gives another quiz. System Sounds.

wedge Recommendation: FreeVerse
* Makers Original Mac Games (OMG)

* Latest title is Kill Monty—killmonty
* Other great titles include, Burning Monkey Solitaire, AirBurst Extreme, WingNuts and ToySight

wedge James - How to schedule email sending in Entourage

* Do you know (or do any of the listeners know) how to or a way of changing the mail delivery queuing in Entourage 2004? Eudora has a way of queuing mail so that it can be sent at a later date (and a few other options as well). Entourage on the other hand seems to only have Send Now or Send Later (where it sends next time you connect).

* I recommened using Entourage Scheduling which is under Tools ->schedules in Entourage and works like rules. This did work for James.

wedge Answers Lance - Linksys Router DHCP Issue

* Neil has audio response. Trouble with DHCP server crashing when device goes out of range.

wedge Update - Mac Mini Apple VGA Display Issues

* Daniel ordered a 1.42 GHz Mini and connected to a 22" Dell (Sony Trinitron) CRT.

* Called Apple and they are aware of the issue, and tell me that the problem lies with people with SVGA or XGA monitors (as opposed to plain old VGA). They do not have a fix

wedge Answer - Keep iTunes Library Focus when attaching iPod

* Dave recommends AppleScript called iTunes View Keeper

* Available at Doug's AppleScripts—scripts08.php
wedge Mike - Keeping Podcasts Organized

* Play audio comment.

* Playlists, Smart Play Lists, etc. Deleting old shows?

wedge Manuel - Bookmarkable AAC files and 4G iPods

* Mono Bookmarkable AAC files cause 4G iPods to crash

* Know bug from Apple no fix yet—webx
* Workaround is to re-encode in iTunes to Stero

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