MacCast 03.18.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Second Quarter Apple Sales Outpacing Industry

* Credit First Suisse Boston predicts Mac sales to rise an estimated 35% year-over-year, well above the estimated industry average (10%).

wedge Apple wins Back UK iTunes domain

* Apple on Tuesday won a legal battle against domain owner, Benjamin Cohen, as the UK internet registry, Nominet, found that Cohen had made an "abusive registration" and ruled that the domain name should be transferred to Apple.

wedge Mac Mini vs. VIA Mini-ITX System PC

* ExtremeTech does a great comparision
Mini vs Mini
* Built comparable $800 complete systems.

* Apple dominates

wedge Google X

* Google's latest technology experiment paid tribute to Apple Computer, but the Mac OS X-themed version of the search king's Web site was taken down a day after its debut.

* Done by Chikai Ohazama. It was talked about on the company Blog—googleblog
* Offered access to Google services in a Dock like interface complete with magnification effect.

* Was take down as of Wednesday

* Resurfaced Thursday
wedge Apple wants a cut of iPod Accessories

* They want 10% of the wholesale price on all products that feature the "Made for iPod" Logo

* Until recently they wanted 10% of the retail price.

wedge Retro iPod Shuffle Headphones
jim younkin iPod Headphones
* Retro style iPod Shuffle headphone hack

* No Cords. $1 Goodwill headphones. Roller Disco anyone?

wedge John Edwards, Podcaster

* Former Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards is now Podcasting

* Once a week. Next week He will answer your questions and update you on his family and projects.
wedge New Term: PodShanking

* The direct audio transfer of files from iPod to another (or other digital Recorder Device)—podshanking
* Can use iTalk, iRiver ot other MP3 Recorder with line in.

wedge PsiberAudio: Hi-Fi Tube Amps for iPod

* For true audiophiles. Pricing not available.
wedge PodBrix Woz Sweepstakes

* Giving away a one-of-a-kind Woz PodBrix proto-type - woz sweepstakes
wedge Custom PrePaid iTunes Cards for SXSW

* The new iTunes Custom Cards are linked to specific songs, albums, or playlists and will be available through retail stores in the U.S.

* Over 200 bands appearing at SXSW are distributing their own numbered, limited edition iTunes cards.

wedge Apple updates iWork and KeyNote

* Keynote updated to version 2.0.1. Pages updated to version 1.0.1.

* Bothe updates are to fix reliability issues reported in some isolated cases.

wedge 100 Free Loops at MacJams

* They are offering the 100 Free Loops—index.php
* Part of another contest.

wedge pyMusique open up iTunes Music Store

* Custom user interface for iTMS written in Python

* Allows you to buy music free of DRM and to re-download previously purchsed music.

* A team of 3 developers including Norwegian Jon Johansen, who is the guy responsible for cracking the encryption on DVDs

wedge Band Releases Album on Shuffle

* LA-based band Sexohol is putting out their first album

* The 12 tracks come pre-loaded on your choice of 512MB or 1GB players, for $109 and $159. CD will follow in April.

wedge Toshiba has 4GB 0.85-inch hard drive

* Showed it off in a player

* Once they are able to produce it in volume, you will see 4GB MP3 players the size of today's flash players.

wedge Apple Aquires SchemaSoft

* Apple aquired Vancouver BC based SchemaSoft earlier this month according to AppleInsider

* The small software development firm specializes in "developing software components that facilitates the workflow of digital information,"

* It is unclear what Apple what the team will do at Apple.

wedge New GM Vehicles to Have Line-in for iPod and MP3 Players

* Several 2006 models will have the line in and AUX setting as astandard feature.

wedge Jackonsville, FL Apple Store Opens

* Apple today opened its newest retail store in Jacksonville, Florida, at the St. Johns Town Center

wedge CenterStage goes Alpha

* "Welcome to the home of CenterStage, the project to build a powerful and intuitive media center application for the Apple Macintosh, this project was inspired by the launch of the Mac mini, an ideal Mac to use as part of a home theatre system."
* Mac Media Center Project

wedge Audio and Video Recording added to QuickTime 7

* The latest Tiger builds add recording feature to QuickTime 7 Pro

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge FeedBack on Managing Podcasts

* Too many suggestions to relate on show.

* I will be posting the emails to MacCast Feedback Stite
wedge Dorothy Yamamoto GarageBand Loop

* A piano loop I composed in GB for a movie of photos of her trip to the Getty Museum last year.
Dorothy's Movie
* Dorothy is an artist in Santa Monica, CA. Visit her web site, TigerBright
* Thanks for the iTunes!

wedge Colmination Promo

* Talk about Colmination
wedge Website Additions

* MacCast Badge. Thanks to Anthony
MacCast Badge
* MacCast Wallpaper. Thanks to Rob at
wedge Closing

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wedge Death of Me by Sci-FI Lullaby

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