MacCast 04.20.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Verizon, Cingular and Sprint Turn Down ITunes Phone

* All three services plan to allow customers to purchase and download music on their cel phones so they will not offer the new iTunes phone from Motorola.

* Both plan to offer downloads at $2-$3 per song.

* The Apple/Motorola phone will only offer transfer from iTunes to phone and not direct download service.

wedge Rumor: iTunes Mobile ready in June

* According to ThinkSecret iTunes Mobile 1.0 will be ready in June

wedge Rumor: iTunes 4.8 coming in next few weeks

* ThinkSecret also reports that the next versSecurityion of iTunes will arrive soon

* The update will not add any significant new features, sources said, but will improve security with the iTunes Music Store and include other minor fixes.

wedge Apple to open second European Retail store

* Just in time for Tiger

* Apple will open its second European retail store on Friday, April 29 at 6 PM in the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham.

wedge Apple iSync Security Patch Released

* Apple Computer has released a security update to fix a flaw in its iSync program

* The patch fixes a buffer overflow vulnerability within an iSync helper tool called "mRouter."

wedge Apple "paid" to have editor talk about iPod on TV

* NBC “Today” show tech editor Corey Greenberg has admitted to charging $15,000 to Apple and other companies to talk about their products on television

* He was also paid by other companies like Dell and Sony.

* Greenberg says he was never paid to promote products on national TV — only local news.

* Companies hired him as “a spokesperson who could talk credibly and understandably about consumer products,”

wedge New PodBrix Mini Fig on Monday (4/25)

* Apple themed LEGO mini figurines. Next one goes on sale Monday 2/25 at 9PM EST
* Limited to 300

wedge Thoughts, Comments, Emails and Feedback

wedge Getting the most out of your iPod

* Listener Clint has some recommendations on how to best use your iPod.

* Recommends Pod2Go—pod2go
wedge Restoring your iPod

* Shooby wanted to know how to clean up an old iPod

* iPod Cleaner
* Ice Cream, from RadTech—Icecreme.aspx
* Give it a brushed metal look. This will scratch your iPod ;)—brushedipod
wedge Mac Emulators for PC

* Play comment from Seth

* Open OS X WinTel—wintel
* Audacity for recording Podcasts on the PC
* How to on WindowsDevCenter
Create a Podcast with a PC
wedge Review Of Mars Edit

* Play audio from Chris at Insanely Great Apps
* MarsEdit from Ranchero Software—marsedit
wedge I Need Tiger Prep Tips and Links

* Please send suggestions and links to info on how to prep you Mac for Tiger.

* Plan to do a special MacCast Monday 4/25

wedge Don't forget discount on iPodderX

* Download. When you buy enter coupon code 'MACCAST'
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wedge Missing Part by BuffyGirl

* page—buffygirl