MacCast 04.27.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge New PowerMacs

* Dual 2.0, 2.3 and 2.7 GHz Models, Not Dual core—powermac
* Double Layer Super Drives, 512MB RAM, ATI Radeon 9600 and 9650 GFX

* $1,999, $2,499 and $2,999 USD

wedge Reduced Pricing on Apple Cinema Displays

* 20" $799

* 23" HD $1,499

* 30" HD $2,999 and the 17" Powerbook now has built-in support for the 30" display.

wedge Rumor: New International iTunes Music Stores

* claims (German) that Apple will be launching the iTunes Music Store for Switzerland as well as Denmark, Sweden and Norway on April 28th (Thursday).

* Australia is also expected to open April 28th.

* Flag images for Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norwary, and Denmark are now accessible on Apple's "Phobos" server

wedge Rumor: .Mac 3.0

* Maybe also announced Friday

wedge Special Report: Installing Tiger

wedge Backup. backup. backup

* Save files to a second hard drive, DVDs or CDs

* At least backup your Users folders.

wedge Programs

* Apple's Backup 2, free with .Mac

* Dantz Retrospect Desktop—index.dtml
* Carbon Copy Cloner—ccc.html
* List of what each OS X folder is. This may help some of you determine what to backup.—Special_Folders
wedge Verify System Requirements and Compatability

wedge System requirements

* * Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processor
* Built-in FireWire
* 256MB of RAM
* 3GB of available hard disk space (4GB if you install the developer tools)
* DVD drive, can exchange for CDs for $9.95

* Apple Media Exchange Program
Apple Media Exchange Form (PDF)
wedge Check Compatibility

* Both hardware and software

* Make sure software is up to date and that hardware has the all the latest firmware.

* Make sure you Mac's firmware is up to date.

* Check the manufacturer's web site.

wedge Prep for Install

* Do Housecleaning

wedge Boot from current OS X CD and use Disk Utility to perform maintenance

* Check Disk and Repair Permissions

* Disconnect any non-Apple peripherals, including hard drives.

wedge Choose Type of install

* In the third phase of Setup ("Select Destination"), there is an Options button that's quite easy to miss. However, if you want to do a clean install, you'll need to click that button first, and not the Continue button. Otherwise, you'll simply upgrade your existing install by mistake.

* Upgrade

* Archive and Install

wedge Format and Install

* Play comment from Dave

wedge Upgrade

* Insert the install DVD, run the installer and follow the instructions. When prompted choose Upgrade. And let it fly.

wedge Archive and Install

* Insert install DVD and run the installer. Follow the instructions and when prompted select Archive and Install.

* Most users will just want the default installation, but advanced users may want to customize to leave out Languages they don't need.

* This is where the old OS X system is moved to a folder in the root level of the hard drive called "Previous System" and the new System is installed. Most settings, etc. are copied over. Remember to check the "Copy over Users and Settings" checkbox (or something to that effect). That way your old data is in its place. If you don't, just remember: Don't Panic!. Your old data is in that Previous System folder. Delete it after a couple of weeks of not using it... that way you regain your hard drive space.

wedge Format and Install

wedge Make sure you have a full backup.

* Make sure all users have done this.

* Deauthorize iTunes.

* If you use iSync do a final sync.

* Make sure you have all your install disks, download copies and serial numbers for all your software handy as you will be reinstalling those as well.

wedge Format the drive using Disk Utility. If you really want to erase you can zero all data, but that is not necessary. Don't need to do 8 way write. If you are just going to do a simple erase you can do this step during installation.

* Power user tip, partitioning

* How to move your home folders to another partition (only Jaguar tested)—homedir.html
wedge Post Installation

* Run Disk Utility and do a repair permissions

wedge Spotlight will slow you down at first

* Will be indexing in the background for an hour or more, so don't worry if system seems slow the first few hours.

wedge Listener Tips

wedge Installing Tiger from Scratch

* Listener Richards thoughts on installing Tiger. Play comment.

wedge Announcements

wedge GeekCam Widget for Dashboard

* Thanks to MacNeo for creating this.
Download GeekCam Widget (~127Kb)
wedge Closing

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wedge Oh, Not Today By Philo

* from the Philo EP

* Band website
Philo Website
* Tim from High Potency Music, also does a Podcast