MacCast 05.07.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge All Mac models shipping with Tiger

* Along with new iMac and eMac introductions on Tuesday, Apple also announced that its entire line of consumer-oriented CPU-based products is now shipping with Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger.

wedge Tiger not playing nice with Windows

* Several reports of issues with SMB and ActiveDirectory networking

* Supposed to offer improvements, but looks like that is not coming true.

wedge Apple released Bonjour for Windows

* Includes a plugin to discover advertised HTTP servers using Internet Explorer
Bonjour for Windows
* The Bonjour Printer Wizard, allows Windows computers to print to Bonjour networked printers, including USB shared printers connected to the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express Base Stations.

wedge OS X Tiger 10.4.1 seeded to developers

* Fixes over two dozen bugs

* Several issues with Address Book have been corrected, as well as crashes related to iSync, iCal, iDVD, and h.264 video playback. Sleep issues with some iMac models have also been remedied.

* Possible mid-May release.

wedge MacDevCenter Offers Tiger Tutorials

* Write your own Automator Actions
Write Automator Actions
* Build a Dashboard Widget
Build a Dashboard Widget
* MacDevCenter
wedge iPod Shuffle has 58% of flash based market

* In a meeting with Merrill Lynch analyst Steven Milunovich, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said iPod Shuffle's share of the flash based MP3 market is 58%, based on data by The NPD Group.

wedge Pod2Go Developer releases SpodLight

* Spodlight from Kainjow lets you index your iPod so it is searchable in Spotlight
Spodlight 1.0
* Normal Spotlight ignores invisible files.

wedge iTunes Australia launch held up by record company

* Supposed to launch last Thursday with 4 other European stores.

* One unnamed major record company refused to sign the agreement in time.

wedge Album released 4 weeks early on iTunes

* The new Oasis album showed up 4 weeks early on the German iTunes Music store and is already available on some P2P networks

* Could cost the record label a ton. Thought that someone misentered the release date as 03/05/05 instead of 30/05/05. This data is entered by the record labels so it is unlike Apple will be held responsible.

wedge Special Report: Using Tiger

wedge Having issues

wedge iChatAV

* Not enough bandwidth when there is. I more then meet the 100Kbps up/down bandwidth limit for a 1 to 1 video chat.

* This should require 1/4 the old bandwidth.

* Apple Discussions Thread
Insufficient Bandwidth Discussion
wedge Wake from Sleep

* For me seems to happen if put to sleep with an external device attached and then removed while asleep.

wedge Dynamic Dictionary Panel Tip

* Hold down Command(Apple) + Control + d

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge Darrell's Guide for New Mac Geeks #5

* Play Darrell's Guide
* Force quitting should be a last resort

* Press spacebar after Apple+Shift+4 to get camera icon, lets you select specific interface elements. Press 'esc' to cancel.

* Screen shots are saved as PDFs at root of your hard drive.

* For more flexibility try SnapzPro from Ambrosia. $29.00/$69.00 USD—snapzprox
wedge Greg - Question on Voicemail

* Play question

wedge Chris - Burning Mac DVDs on a PC

* Play comment

wedge You will have to convert the disk image file created by iDVD to the .iso image format (making it compatible with almost any PC disk burning application, such as Nero or Roxio). To do this, follow these steps:

* Open Disk Utility (located in Applications>Utilities folder).

* Drag your disk image into the left-hand pane (where all your drives are listed) of Disk Utility.

* Click on the file you just dragged into Disk Utility (should appear in the left-hand column).

* Click on the 'Images' menu, then choose 'Convert...'
When the 'Convert Image' dialog pops up, select 'DVD/CD Master' from the 'Image Format' pop-up menu.

* Name your file, with '.cdr' at the end of the filename, then click 'Save.'
Disk Utility will convert the file to an ISO image. After this finishes, replace the 'cdr' at the end of the filename (in the Finder) to 'iso'.

* Now, the disk should be burnable on a Windows PC (simply copy the file to your PC by either copying it across a network or using some other means of transferring the data).

* Note: This works burn any Mac .dmg or .img files on a PC.

wedge Promo

wedge Clint - Spotlight and indexing Entourage

* Play audio

* Scott Erickson of Microsoft in a MacWold interview (1/11/2005):

"Spotlight will index and search Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, but
unfortunately it will not work with Microsoft's email and information
manager, Entourage.

"It won't index Entourage and that's simply due to the way that Spotlight
was made versus Entourage," said [Scott] Erickson [of Microsoft]. "Entourage
saves everything in a database format and we are working with Apple to see
how Spotlight can index the database."
Tiger and Microsoft - Macworld
wedge Opinion: Curt on Mac - Apple Advertising

* Play commentary

wedge Will - Why Disk Image Installers

* Play question and respond.

wedge Surfbits - MacReviewCast Promo

wedge Post Tiger Feedback on Forum

* Listener Tiger Feedback in Software area on MacCast Forum
Tiger Feedback Fourm
* Praise, pet peeves, issues, etc.

wedge The MacGathering

* Next Sunday May 15th, I will be in N. Hollywood at the 2nd Annual Regional Mac Gathering
* Will be doing a discussion panel on Podcasting, with Dan Klass and Mark Jeffrey — Author of The Pocket and the Pendant (podiobook)

* They have all details and Hotel deals on their web site

wedge Contest Updates

wedge Name the MacCast Mascot Winner

* Winning name is MacBert, with 37% of the vote.

* Listener David for Colorado won a MacCast t-shirt and coffee mug.

wedge Top 10 Reasons to Switch

* Still wadding through all the great submissions. Will pick a winner soon, hopefully.

* Winner receives an iPed iPod stand in their choice of color.

* Check out all the iPed models, including the iPed 2 and iPed Shuffle at
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