MacCast 05.23.2005
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

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wedge Steve says next version of iTunes to support Podcasting

* Announced at the Wall Street Journal D: All Things Digital conference, hosted by Walt Mossberg

* Itunes 4.9 will be available in the next 60 days and will integrate free podcasts as a menu item, allowing users to listen to podcasts and subscribe to them.

* Podcast subscriptions will be automatically downloaded to a user's iPod when it is synched with iTunes.

* Also said video support was only added to iTunes to support delivery of "bonus" content with music content, like music videos.

wedge Apple in talks with Intel?

* Another Wall Street Journal article is reporting that Apple is in talks with Intel

* Speculation is flying. Just remember Intel has a very diverse product line. They could be talking about almost anything.

* It would be a very rough transition. All software would need to be re-purchased.

wedge Russian iTunes Music Store

* Think secret says sources report that for the better part of two months, Apple headquarters has been working with Apple Russia on an iTunes-related pilot program that sources suggest points to a Russian iTunes Music Store.

wedge Former Apple employee sues and alleges discrimination

* Former employee Shaune Patterson filed suit against Apple May 16, 2005, charging the company with discrimination.

* She was suspended for a month and then fired when she complained her subordinates were earning more money than her.

* Also alleges an Apple manager wrote a memo describing her a "rather obese-sized black lesbian."

* Her complain was amended many times and now includes racial, sexual orientation and genetic characteristic discrimination.

wedge Malicious Widget debate continues

* OS 10.4.1 update changes it so the widget cannot install without your knowledge, but Widgets once installed can still pose a security risk.

* Widget are allowed to run with "sudo" privileges. Malicious widgets could potentially "hijack" admin credentials and install a payload.

* Make sure you know what your widgets are and they are from a trusted source.

wedge New iTunes Ad on SNL not the same old stuff

* Apple launched another iTunes ad during SNL, but not the typical iPod silhouette stuff

* This one features Coldplay performing their new single “Speed of Sound” in order to promote the band’s new album, X&Y, on the iTunes Music Store.

* Not sure if this means we will see more artist featured ads.

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge MacCast Blooper

* At 16:37 on the 5.21.2005 show there was a comment that should have been edited out.

wedge Top 10 Reasons to switch winner

* Finally. Picked a random winner from my top 10 favorite lists.

* Winner is 'ainanet'. Get's iPed2 from Thoughtout and a MacCast t-shirt from
* Thanks to Kit a publicist at Sams Publishing, everyone who submitted an entry before April 30th is going to get a free copy of the book "Tiger Unleashed" when it releases in July.
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wedge What is a five hole?

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wedge My 2 Cents #3 - iPod vs. Cel Phones

* Curt is back with another great segment.

wedge Keychains and Mac Backup

* Play question from Chris

* Keychains found at ~/Library/Keychains

wedge Reviews without pity - Kensington WiFi Finder

* Play review
* Kensington WiFi Finder
Kensington Wi Fi Finder on Amazon
wedge Tiger printing feature or bug? You decide.

* Listener Stewart noticed the new "Supplies..." button in the printer window

* Links to supplies for your model printer on the Apple on-line store

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