MacCast 05.27.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge ABC and NBC to Podcast

* The news outlets are both adding Podcasts

* ABC News is now offering podcast versions of "Good Morning America," "Nightline" and other programs via ABC They will also create Podcast only shows.

* NBC plans to start podcasting hourly news updates from select cable and network programs in June. The podcasts will include highlights from prime time shows, including MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" and "Countdown with Keith Olbermann."

wedge Sirius Satellite in talks with Apple

* Sirius Satellite Radio Chief Executive Mel Karmazin told shareholders yesterday the company has talked with Apple Computer about a Sirius-enabled iPod, but that no deal has been struck.

wedge Intel CEO says consider Apple

* At the D: All Things Digital conference when pressed about security by Mr. Mossberg, Intel CEO Paul Otellini had a startling confession: He spends an hour a weekend removing spyware from his daughter's computer. And when further pressed about whether a mainstream computer user in search of immediate safety from security woes ought to buy Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh instead of a Wintel PC, he said, "If you want to fix it tomorrow, maybe you should buy something else."

wedge iPodder X 3.0 Launched

* Don't forget your MacCast Discount, use coupon MACCAST

wedge New features

* VBlog support

* RSS Newreader built in

* NewsCaster converts Text to Audio MP3s

* Playlist Builder

* SmartSpace, removes older podcasts

* Great review on
wedge IBM to develop 45nm chip process

* IBM and Toppan Printing Co Ltd announced a $200 million deal to jointly develop a 45-nanometer chip making process aimed at production by mid-2007.

* Current G5 chips are produced using a 90nm process. Poor 90nm production yields has been cited for delays in PowerPC shipments and development.

* Smaller manufacturing processes typically increase clock-speeds and decrease costs for the processors

wedge ATI cards with H.264 Acceleration

* XBitLabs reports that ATI's upcoming Radeon graphics processor will feature hardware acceleration of the H.264 Advanced Video Codec.

* H.264 will be the codec used to encode video for upcoming HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc technologies.

wedge Apple updates Pages and Keynote

* Pages 1.0.2 addresses issues with page navigation and organization.

* Keynote 2.0.2 corrects a security issue.

wedge New Apple Magazine ads for Tiger

* The two page print ad shows two Apple Cinema Displays demonstrating Spotlight and Dashboard technologies.

* Can also be found in Fortune, The Economist, The New Yorker, Newsweek, and BusinessWeek.

wedge Apple Tablet rumors continue

* Guy is reporting on his blog that according to 5 of his sources an Apple table announcement is "imminent".
Apple Tablet Blog Article
* Say Intel talks are for tablet technologies

wedge Bigger Shuffles maybe on the way

* Taiwan's DigiTimes reported that Samsung and Toshiba will supply Apple with 8-gigabit flash memory chips, potentially paving the way for the introduction of Shuffles with 2GB and 4GB capacities. The current models top out at 1GB.

* Remember DigiTimes has been wrong many times before. I think they predicted G5 PowerBooks, seen any of those around yet?

wedge More Apple Stores in June

wedge Apple set to launch 3 new stores on June 4th

* Century City (Los Angeles)

* Bridgeport Village (Tualatin, Oregon)

* Green Hills (Nashville, Tennessee

wedge ProTools HD adds Tiger Support

* Digidesign released an update for its professional music mastering software adding, among other things, support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger on Pro Tools|HD system.

* Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems have not been updated yet, but should be coming soon.

wedge Mac OS 10.4.2 already underway

* Rumor the the next version could be only 45 days away

* Expect to see developer builds as early as next. No details on the enhancements.

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge Speeding up your Mac

* Play comment from Marty

wedge Response to syncing Keychain question

* play comment from Shelly

* play comment from Joseph

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wedge Tip - Secure backups with your iPod

* Play Tip from Simon

wedge International Keyboard settings and hiding apps on startup

* Play comment from Paul

* System Preferences --> Accounts --> Login items, check hide

* International System Preferences Input Menu to select different keyboards

wedge Attack of the Help Menus

* Listener rick pointed out that with the recent update, Pages and Keynote now have the same multiplying help menu bug as Quicktime.

wedge How I backup the MacCast

* Play voicemail from Jesse

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wedge Closing

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wedge "Enniscorthy in a Bottle" by The Bloody Irish Boys

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