MacCast 06.01.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Apple releases QuickTime 7.0.1

* Update available via Software Update or Apple's site

wedge Fixes a security vulnerability with QuickTime Quartz Composer Plug-In

* With QuickTime 7.0, a QuickTime movie containing a maliciously crafted Quartz Composer object can leak data to an arbitrary web location.

* Adds several bug fixes and improved compatibility with Final Cut Studio.

wedge Mac OS 10.4.2 released to developers

* this past weekend, build 8C21 was distributed to Select and Premier members of Apple's Developer Connection.

* Several dozen updates including corrected bugs including updates for Automator, blank media not mounting, bandwidth issues with iChat, and iDisk/.Mac integration issues.

* Possible mid-June release

wedge New iPod Photo update coming

* Sometime this month

* Adds new transitions, rumored to include "mosaic," "cube," and "fade" effects.

* New game, "Tetris".

wedge AOpen's Pandora's box Mac Mini clone

* Took Intel's reference design and are making a product

* Codenamed “Pandora,” is based on Intel’s reference design, runs on a Pentium M chip designed for laptops, and should be out by September.

* Can you say "lawsuit"?

wedge Apple launching "The Studio" in more retail store

* "The Studio" is the Genius Bar for your creative projects

* One-on-one help for your creative projects

* Thw Studio was first introduced at Apple Store Shadyside in Pittsburgh and has already opened at the North Michigan Avenue location in Chicago.

wedge Follow the leader

* Interesting that not long after sitting and hearing Steve Jobs announce Podcasting support in iTunes Bill Gates and Microsoft are putting together a Podcasting team. Possible support in Windows Media Player?

* The big difference, Apple will have it available in the next 60 days. Microsoft?

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge Migrating from Adobe Photo Album/Elements to iPhoto

* Play comment from Austin?

* iView Media Pro has an importer, but not sure if will work with a PC photo album database on a Mac
wedge USB KVM Switch

* Play question from David

wedge IOGear MiniView™ Extreme Multimedia KVMP Switch w/Cables

* Includes USB bonded cables, PS2 cables sold separately

* $169.95 USD

wedge iPed Discount from Thought-out

* For the next 10 days get 20% of products at—maccast
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* username: maccast
password: macgeek

wedge Closing

wedge Decision on Advertising

* Play comment from KP

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wedge "The Longer Goodbye" by Six of One

* Sent in by listener Devin

* Official band web site