MacCast 06.05.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Apple to dump IBM for Intel

* CNet is reporting the announcement will come Monday at the WWDC

* According to CNet apple will transition lower end machines, like the Mini by mid-2006 with high end models following a year later.

* Wired has an article saying Apple will leverage QuickTransit from Transitive. Transitive's QuickTransit allows any software to run on any hardware with no performance hit, or so the company claims.

* Play listener comments. Keith and Steve

* Can believe Apple would do this to developers after the switch to Cocoa

* I personally don't see a switch, but maybe a new device or specialty technology, WiMax networking support.

wedge Apple's settles iPod battery class action

* Apple will extend its warranty from one to two years for newer-generation iPods that came with dock connectors and were purchased before May 31, 2004. If batteries in those devices fail within the extended warranty time, Apple will replace either the battery or the iPod for free--or provide a $50 credit toward any Apple merchandise from its online and brick-and-mortar stores.

* For consumers who experienced battery failure with previous-generation iPods, Apple will offer the $50 store credit or $25 in cash. Customers who have paid Apple to repair their iPod battery within two years of purchasing the device are eligible for a $50 cash refund.

wedge Apple recycles iPods

* Customers who bring them into an Apple Retail store will get a 10% discount off a new iPod. Must use the discount the same day.

wedge HP will now sell iPod Mini's

* Both the 4GB and 6GB models

* HP also announced a set of printable "tattoos" for iPod minis

wedge IPod Linux matures

* Next version will have full MP3 playback support and speed improvements.
* OGG Vorbis support is very close and Video with audio is on the way!

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge iTunes De-authorization

* Play question from Rick

wedge Voicemail doesn't always work

* Unable to play comments from Jarrett because of noise. Lots of static or wind. Cel phones don't work too well.

wedge iBook Skin and eBay Clients

* Summarize comments from Robert
* iSale vs. Garagesale

wedge Unreliable Expose after Tiger upgrade

* Play comment from Jeff

wedge Don't forget to uninstall Office Test Drive

* Play voicemail from Ken

wedge Green Hills, TN Apple Store Opening

* Play audio from Rob

* Rob's Flikr gallery from opening—59481416@N00
wedge Maximizing video on Mac Mini

* Dan's comments were too long to play

* Dell 19" monitor that can rotate to vertical not performing well under Tiger

* Monitor spanning hack for MacMini.

wedge Followup on Mac Amnesty

* Play comment from Jeff

wedge Closing

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wedge "Not the Same" by Ronnie Day

* Sent in by listener Tyson. Web designer visits an independent music site for clients
* Official band web site
Ronnie Day