MacCast 06.10.2005 - The Apple Intel Special
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wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge The Big Announcement from WWDC

* "It's True!" - complete with lowered Intel "e".

wedge Before you make a judgement watch the Keynote
WWDC '05 Keynote
* Play audio from MKP

wedge Why switch now?

* IBM did not allow Apple to meet their performance promise of 3.0 GHz by June 2005.

* Apple still cannot ship a G5 PowerBook. Intel just launch "Yonah" the dual core version of the Pentium-M.

* Pentiums deliver more performance per watt translating into better battery life.

* Intel probably offers Apple a price advantage over AMD due to volume

* Intel does have 64-bit versions of the Pentium and Pentium Extreme Edition for desktops.

* Will Apple continue dual processor machines when they go Intel? Does it matter?

wedge What about software?

wedge Apple has had the "what if department". They have compiled every version of OS X for the last 5 years to run on Intel and PowerPC

* The project know as "Marklar"

wedge Dual Binaries are the future

* Widgets, scripts and Java run with no conversion

* Cocoa Apps developed in XCode can be converted and recompiled in days

* Carbon apps developed in XCode will take longer. A few weeks

* Anything developed in CodeWarrior needs to be moved to XCode first

* New version of XCode was release along with Pentium 3.6

wedge Rosetta for existing apps

* Translates PowerPC binaries on the fly to run on Intel

* Won't work for any apps that "require" a G4 or G5, which I think is any app that depends on the velocity engine in the PowerPC. Mostly high end 3D apps and games.

wedge What about Games?

* Might actually hurt the developers, as porting may not be necessary. (see below)

* Gamers could benefit.

wedge Will Macs be less secure?

* Probably not. Most hacks take advantage of flaws in the OS and that is not changing

* Low level hacks do exist and in theory could occur, but are not likely. Apple may not use the same low level software as PCs

wedge Should I wait to buy a new Mac?

* I don't think so. New Intel based macs are 1 year away.

* A computer is "obsolete" the day you buy it. So do you need a new Mac?

wedge Do you want to be the first owner of an new Apple architecture?

* Unconverted apps may actually run slower at first.

* Next version of OS X (Leopard) will run on PowerPC too

* It will take some developers longer to transition

wedge Will there be a version of OS X for PC

* Phil Shiller says no.

wedge Will I be able to run Windows on my Mac?

* Apple basically says they won't try to stop it, but won't support it either

* Possible to have Virtual PC with little or no performance hit. Could possibly run much like Classic does today for OS 9 apps.

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge My 2 Cents #3 - Apple Intel

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wedge XTel system thoughts

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wedge Running Windows on Intel Mac

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