MacCast 06.13.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge IBM claims Apple never told them about the switch

* According to the New York Times

* Steve told IBM at 3:00 PM Friday June 4th

* IBM would not be willing to pursue faster low powered chips without additional investment from Apple.

* The report also claims Apple talked with Sony about possibly using their Cell processors

wedge Transitive is behind Rosetta

* confirms that Transitive Technologies is behind Rosetta

* claims 60-80 percent performance of native software.

* Many people have doubts. 60 percent doesn't seem adequate to me.

wedge ArsTechnica speculates on Apple Intel timeline

wedge This article seeks to predict Apple's launch schedule for Intel Macs
wedge 1Q 06-2Q 06:

* Mac Mini, iBook, and PowerBook -Yonah: A dual-core Pentium M successor; 65nm process; 32-bit; SSE3; improved FPU performance

wedge 2Q 06-3Q 06

* iMac Sossaman: A desktop Yonah derivative. This chip will have very low power consumption for a dual-core desktop design.

wedge 4Q 06-1Q 07

* PowerBook, PowerMac - Merom: A dual-core Pentium M (Banias) successor, Conroe: A 64-bit desktop version of Merom (see comments above about Conroe).

wedge 3Q or 4Q 07

* Xserve: A Xeon based on the same architecture as Merom and Conroe.

wedge Cringley thinks Intel will buy Apple

* Robert Cringley over at PBS has an interesting theory on why he thinks Intel will buy Apple
Cringley -
* Basically think it is a ploy by Intel to dethrone Microsoft by owning OS X and getting it on OEM machines

wedge Thoughtout ordered to stop using iPed name

* Had interview with Mike
* Initial names, iFoot and iPedistal. iFoot not best sounding iPedistal taken and became iPed.

* iPed was never intended as a derivative or modification of iPod

wedge From Apple's guidelines

* Third parties cannot use a variation, phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation of an Apple trademark for any purpose. For example:

Not acceptable: Appletree Jackintosh Apple Cart

wedge Apple needs to apply rules the same for everyone. There are tons of derivatives of the "i" and "Pod" names.

* Podio, PodFreq, 4G Pod Shield, iBod, iVod

* Trying to work with Apple on a compromise. Has a lot invested in the iPed 2 brand.

* Open to suggestions and comments. Send email
wedge Apple released security update 2005-006

* Updated components include AFP Server, Bluetooth, CoreGraphics, Folder Permissions, launchd, LaunchServices, NFS, PHP and VPN

wedge Apple and Nokia building browser for cel phones

* For 60 series phones based on WebCore and JavaScriptCore, the open source components that are the basis for Safari.

* These are part of Apple open source WebKit—index.html
* Apple recently broke away from the KHTML project which Safari was based on prior to Tiger.

wedge Apple and 7-11 give away songs with Slurpees

* Slurpee cups at 7-11 stores have a code for one iTunes song

* Apple says, “Slurpee Summer Prize Fest”, promo began May 23rd

wedge OS X x86 showing up on P2P and IRC

* It can be installed on just about any PC box, and Rosetta and the iLife suite are fully operational.

wedge Apple seeds OS 10.4.2 build

* Another build of OS 10.4.2 was released

* corrects an issue with AirPort and Internet Sharing, improves iChat launch time, and adds support for multiple system logins for iChat

* Update is expected to release soon.

wedge MacCast One Minute Tip - Spotlight Secrets

* John Chamber's One Minute Tip
wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge Why Intel instead of AMD

* Play comment from Chris

wedge Fast switching audio input

* Play question from Ed

* SoundSource freeware from RogueAmoeba
wedge iTunes authorizations reset limit

* Listener Rick pointed out that you can only reset your iTunes authorizations once every 12 months, so you may not want to run them up on purpose.

wedge Kids and iBooks don't mix

* Play comment from Sandro (?)

wedge Rebuild iPhoto Library.

* 1. Back up the files in ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library.
2. Hold down Apple-Option-Shift while starting iPhoto. When asked if you want to rebuild the library, say Yes.
3. Wait a long time.

wedge Tips for scheduled maintenance

* Play comment from Marty

* Cocktail utility for OS X ($14.95 USD Single User, also have family and site)
wedge Using a Bluetooth phone headset for Mac audio

* Audio question from Michael, audio too bad to play

* Jabra A210 plus a 2.5mm->3.5mm stereo jack adapter

wedge Recommended apps for new Mac users

wedge Play question from Nathan

wedge Get info on multiple items in Tiger

* From listener David

* Changed from Panther. Now (Inspector) less than 10 multiple items are selected and you choose get info they all open in separate tiled windows. More than 10 still are together in one window.

* Can force under 10 to display in one get info window by holding down command-option+I

wedge Closing

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wedge "Not so Shy" by The Minors

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