MacCast 06.22.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Microsoft going after Adobe?

* Last week released a preview of Acrylic an illustration, painting and graphics tool.

* Longhorn will contain a file format called Metro that will act just like PDF.

wedge Podcasting comes to iTunes early and not from Apple

* The BadApple Plugin for iTunes from BadFruit. Allows you to find and download Podcasts right inside iTunes
wedge Speculation the software may be from which is the new company owned by former CEO Michael Robertson

* The log file for the software shows several calls to a server at

* Some of the software code contains references to MP3Tunes.

* The privacy policies for and are almost word-for-word identical

* Some users are reporting issues with accessing the Apple Store after install and uninstalling does not fix it. Adds a line to the hosts file in Windows.

wedge New Freescale chips may mean faster PowerBooks

* The next generation of the Freescale processor currently in PowerBooks was debuted.

* The MPC7448 is expected to be available in speeds up to 1.7GHz

* Uses a 90nm manufacturing process that increases clock speed and significantly reduces power requirements

wedge Apple sued over iTunes interface

* Contois Music Technology has asked a judge to force Apple to stop distributing iTunes

* Alleges iTunes infringes on a 6-year old patent for, "Computer Control System and User Interface for Media Playing Devices.", issued to Contois.

* Exhibited at the 1995 COMDEX trade show and the 1996 NAMM music industry trade show.

* Claim persons who were at the time employed by or later became employed by Apple were present at both trade shows and viewed Contois' software.

* Also seeking unspecified damages.

wedge Sony BMG and EMI make statement by locking out iPod

* The companies are releasing copy protected CD that can't be transfered to iPods

* Already half the CDs being released by Sony BMG have the technology and EMI is releasing it's first .

* Have to register the disc and then can only rip into protected WMA format.

* Only a problem on a PC and apparently you can get around it by holding down the shift key when you insert the CD on Windows.

wedge Apple drops Virex from .Mac

* According to MacFixit, Apple is dropping Virex from its stable of .Mac offerings, primarily due to incompatibilities with OS X 10.4

wedge Interesting numbers

* According to Entertainment Media Research 35% music fans download music from legal online music services. Close to the 40% that report downloading from P2P and other illegal sources.

* Research firm In-Stat reports the iPods accounted for 30% of all MP3 players sold in 2004

wedge When is an iPod not an iPod? When it's an Ipod MP4

* Shenzhen Orderly Science & Technology has a 20GB portable media player they are calling the Ipod MP4

* Does Apple even need a lawyer for this one?

wedge Inventor of the integrated circuit dead at 81

* Jack S. Kilby, an electrical engineer whose invention of the integrated circuit gave rise to the information age, died Monday in Dallas.

wedge My 2 Cents with Curt

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wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge Response to Windows File Sharing

* Play response from Per

wedge iMac G5 fan noise clarification

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wedge Publishing iCals to your .Mac

* Play audio question

* Puts it in a public area with no way to control it.

* Was a great PHP project called PHP iCalendar, but it is not longer available.

wedge Aging MUGs and iMic Issues

* Play comments and questions from Kevin

wedge Syncing iPod ratings

* Listener Ryan was having issues syncing his song ratings from his iPod back to iTunes

* Only works with auto syncing enabled

wedge Sync-iPod AppleScript from Greg Townsend
Sync-iPod AppleScript
* "Date Last Played", "Play Count", "Rating" and "Comments"

wedge Feedback on Dittybot

* Play audio from Andy

wedge Garagband won't stay open

* Play question from Scott

* Make sure to update to 1.1

* Repair permissions

* Check for plug-in conflicts. ~/Library/Audio/Plug-In

* Know issue with Digidesign hardware, 10.3.9 and Quicktime 7
Apple Discussion on Issue
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