MacCast 06.28.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge iTunes 4.9 launches today?

* Dave Winer thinks so.

* The other expected announcement date is July 7th.

* He also says they will announce a “big corporate content partnership.” Maybe Sirius?

* ITunes movie store with Sony has also been speculated

* Also rumors of new iPods 2nd Gen Shuffles and 5th Gen iPods.

wedge French Paper reports iTunes Phone launch today

* French newspaper Le Figaro is reporting the iTunes-compatible phone being developed by Apple and Motorola will finally launch Tuesday June 28th.

* Apple has been rumored to be in talks with Cingular to carry and provide service for the phone.

wedge Latest Tiger Builds add better widget management

* Think Secret is reporting the latest build of OS 10.4.2 includes a Widget Manager

* The "More widgets..." link in Dashboard has been replaced by a "Manage widgets..." button that launches the manager in dashboard.

* Release of 10.4.2 was reportedly delayed by several bug found in the last build, including problems with AirPort, Directory Service, permissions, mailboxes, and iTunes artwork

wedge Apple prepping Backup 3

* Apple is developing a major update of it's Backup software, code-named Predator.

* New version will be able to create and customize multiple "plans" (sets) for each backup destination. Current version only allows one.

* Also features incremental backups with the ability to retrieve any older version of a backed-up file -- not just the most recent backup.

* Update currently slated for an August 2005 release.

wedge MacCast One Minute Tip #2 - Application CPU Usage

* Play one minute tip

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge iPed Shuffle and iPed 2 Review

* Review the iPed Shuffle and iPed 2

* Post pictures of your iPeds

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wedge Record all Mac audio

* Play question from Scott

* Audio Hijack Pro from Rogue Amoeba
* WireTap Pro from Ambrosia
* Jack OS X (free)
wedge Saved mail not showing up in Tiger

* Play question from Adam

* Fixed, Play follow up.

wedge PHPICalendar is available

* Listener Tom pointed out the site is back up
* Version 2.0 BETA looks nice.

wedge Another GarageBand fix, plus MUG feedback

* Play comment from Daniel

wedge What to do if iPod does not mount

wedge Keith, 60GB iPod error message: "Disk could not be read by computer".

* Disk Utility could not repair. Did a reformat as HFS+

* Did a reset while connected and then mounted.

* Restored the iPod, but took 2 times.

* Wants to know possible cause and what to do in the future.

* Could it be related to iTalk?

wedge Preparing a Mac to sell

* Play question from Aaron

wedge Closing

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