MacCast 06.30.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge iTunes 4.9 is here

* Support for podcasting. go through features.

* Podcasts in MP3 format are "bookmarkable"

* Supports PDF (bok icon) and Video (camera) enclosures.

* Apple reports 1 Million subscriptions in 2 days

wedge iPod updater released

* For iPod Color, iPod and iPod Mini

wedge Adds support for Podcasts. Podcast playlist

* Adds podcasts to main menu

* Stationary date on the right side of podcast list

* Pressing button with playing brings up show description

wedge iPod Updates

* All color iPods. 20 GB Color $299 USD and 60 GB Color $399. 30GB discontinued

* U2 Edition also updated to color, $329 USD

* Price drop on 1GB iPod Shuffle now $129.00 USD

* Still considered 4th generation, not 5th

wedge Free iPod Mini for college students

* Visit your campus computer store, the Apple Store online or an Apple Store near you. Choose an iBook, PowerBook, iMac or Power Mac, then select your favorite 4GB iPod mini. Or you can apply your $179 savings toward the purchase of a higher priced iPod. But act now. This offer is good only through September 24, 2005.—backtoschool
wedge Renewed 2nd Gen Shuffle rumors

* 3T, UK Gadget Magazine claims they have "reliable" source who say 2GB and 4GB iPod Shuffles are in the works

* Also claim a 8GB iPod Mini is planned with a phase-out of the 4GB.

* No timeline given

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge iTunes 4.9's impact on the Podosphere

* Play comments from Pelon

wedge iTunes Podcasts in other countries

* Play comment from Caizer
* Possibly just failed due to overload. I submitted it and it seemed to go.

wedge How to convince your wife to switch

* Play comment from Jim

wedge Firefox crashes in Tiger

* Play question from Svante

* Java Embedding Plugin. Allows Mozilla based browsers to use Tigers most recent Java on OS X, 1.5.0
wedge Questions about the Shuffle

* Play question from Scott

wedge Connect Mac to TV wirelessly

* Play question from Dylan

* Apple DVI to video adapter ($19.99 USD)

* Radio Shack Wireless TV Extender ($99.00 USD)
Wireless TV Extender
wedge Classic after the switch to Intel

* Play question from Kevin

* Page 67 of Apple’s Universal Binary Programming Guidelines PDF explicitly states that Classic apps are not supported in the Rosetta emulator that runs PowerPC apps on Intel-powered Macs

wedge A case for timely keyboard repairs

wedge From Kevin

* "I had the G key on my Powerbook get flipped up, so that it would not
sit flat. I use the key a couple times to finish an email but then
didn't use it at all. I took it to my local Apple Store the next day
and an Apple Genius fixed it in about two minutes. He noted that this
kind of problem is often fixable but if there is continued use on the
keyboard prior to repair it could irreparably damage the keyboard,
resulting in the need to replace the entire unit. It was fixed free,

wedge Replacing HD on an iMac G3

* Play question from Brad

* Can be done in 25 easy steps—drive_steps.shtml
* One article I saw said to make sure to only use 5400 RPM drives as faster ones are too hot for iMacs. Not sure you can get 3.5" 5400 RPM drives anymore.

wedge Closing

wedge Podcast Awards Nominations Open

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wedge "Forever" by 28

* Sent in from listener Justin. Singer.

* Band Web Site