MacCast 07.06.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge HP adds Shuffle to the Mix

* HP is now selling the iPod Shuffle.

* Same prices as Apple. 512MB for $99.99 (USD) and a 1GB version for $129.99 (USD)

wedge Firefox up an running on Intel Macs

* Mozilla developer Josh Aas reports on his blog that he has successfully built and run Firefox on an Intel based Mac

* Camino and Thunderbird are next.

wedge Winer critical of Apples addition to RSS

* Dave Winer and others upset at Apple for using a trademarked name "iTunes" to extend the RSS DTD namespace.
Winer on
* Alleging Apple is trying to make use of the tags proprietary and exclusive to iTunes.

* Apple duplicates existing RSS tags like author and category. Image as well, although there they are allowing for a larger graphic.

wedge Apple countdown to half a billion songs

* Contest for iTunes Music Store

* Giving away an iPod mini and an a 50-song iTunes gift card to the iTunes customer who purchases the winning song at each 100,000 interval.

* The customer who purchases the 500 millionth song will win 10 iPods of their choice, an iTunes gift card for 10,000 songs and an all-expenses paid trip for four to see Coldplay on their world tour.

wedge Some Motorola phones syncing with iTunes

* AppleInsider reports that some flashed based Motorola phones are being recognized by the new iTunes 4.9

* Supposedly you can sync music to the phones. No reports on anyone actually getting the music to play.

wedge Brooklyn teen killed for iPod

* A 15-year old was stabbed twice by two suspects when the attempted to steal his friend's iPod.

wedge The "real" OS X for Intel leaked. Maybe

* Reports that OS X for Intel from the developer preview boxes is up on Bittorrent.

* This is supposedly the real deal this time, and some have reported getting it to run by modifying the incorrect instructions from the leaker.

* As always, if this turns out to be true i am sure it is illegal to have a copy so you are on your own.

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge I now know how to update my iPod now, Thanks.

* Apparently Command+Clicking (Right+Clicking) the iPod in iTunes gives you the ability to update it without having to unmount and mount.

* Who knew? I guess everyone but me. Please stop emailing me. ;)

wedge Keychain has deleted all passwords

* Listener Rick reports that after running Onyx the other day to do a system optimization Keychain has deleted all his password

* Doing a keychain repair was unable to recover them.

* I had no idea and asked him to post to the forum. So far the only advice is to deleted the Keychain and start over. Any other options?
Thread on
wedge An audio journal for the Mac

* Listener steve is looking for a way to record date stamped journal entries with audio. Mix text, pictures and sound.

* Found MacJournal and ViJournal, but neither do audio

* I recommended Audioblogger, but I think he wants a stand alone app, not a service.
wedge Sorting iTunes 4.9 Podcasts by Date

* This only works within each Podcast and not for all podcasts. The don't mix.

wedge Files opening in the wrong application

* Select a file in the finder. Choose get info... and then look for the open with section. You can change it for just the one file or all files of that type by picking the Change all... option.

wedge Reindexing Spotlight

* Play tip from Scott

* Can also do it from command line in terminal
Reindex tips on
wedge Adobe PDF Plugin with Tiger and IPod replacement batteries

* Play questions from Ken

* Adobe PDF Plugin works in Safari. When I launched Acrobat Reader after installing it asked me if I wanted to use Adobe Reader for viewing in Safari.

* Other World Computing. Warning of battery explosion (rumor)
iPod Batteries at OWC
wedge Follow up on hooking Mac to a TV

* Listener Robert from UK says to checkout ElGato

* Eye-Home ($199 USD)
ElGato - EyeHome
* ATI Eye-Wonder USB ($99 USD)
ElGato - ATI eyeWonder USB
wedge Classic won't boot after upgrading to Tiger

* Play question from Jay

wedge Free Alarm Clock Pro offer from Koingo

* First 100 MacCast listeners will get a copy of Alarm Clock Pro
Alarm Clock Pro Product info
* Can run task and do work on a schedule. Like play an iTunes track at a scheduled time. Like Cron, but not Cron.

* If anyone would like to do a review that would be great too. (2-3 mins).

* Use this link to get your copy
Free Alarm Clock Pro
wedge Housecleaning

wedge MacCast as "enhanced" Podcast

* I don't have the time, but I am working on possibly outsourcing it.

* Will most likely be a new feed and will be delayed behind the original release by a day or two due to production time.

* Chapter Tool from Apple
Download Apple Podcasts Chapter Tool
wedge My podcast set up and how to

wedge Many people have asked me for a how to. There are many resources out there better thank what I could put together.

* Podcast
* Behind the Scenes Podcast. Craig taught me everything I know.
* documentation area
wedge Numerous books now arriving on the scene

* Todd's "Podcasting a Do-It-Your-Self Guide"
Todd's Book on
* Dan's book, "Podcast Solutions"
Dan's Book on
wedge My setup

* MXL 990 Condenser Mic ($59.99 USD)
MXL 990 on
* Behringer Eurorack UB802 Mixer ($49.99 USD)
UB802 Mixer on
* dbx 286A Microphone preamp Processor ($199.00 USD)
DBX Processor on
* Griffin iMic ($29.99)
iMic on
* GarageBand 2 from iLife '05

* I can try to answer specific questions via email, but my time is limited these days.

wedge Email and audio becoming overwhelming

* I will try to keep responding to as many emails as possible.

* Will be more "selective" about audio and email responded to on the show.

* If you use the voice line, please leave an email at the very end. Spell it out. I will edit them out if i use the comment in the show.

* Keep comments and questions as short as possible.

* I may paraphrase your audio if it is too long or has bad audio.

* Please use the forum for help and how to questions. I respond there too and you will get faster responses from others in the MacCast community.

wedge Closing

wedge Visit the website
* Show notes.

wedge Keep emails coming. More audio comments

* 206-222-2788 (20-MACCAST-8)

* MacCast Forum
wedge "Marmalade Maggie" by The Merediths

* Sent in from listener Jesse who is in the band.

* Band Web Site