MacCast 07.09.2005
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wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Steve Jobs personally calls stabbing victims family

* Steve Jobs has personally called the family of a 15-year-old New York resident who died during a fight over an iPod

* Steve spoke with Errol Rose, the victims father, and asked how Rose was doing and conveyed his sympathies.

wedge IBM's new PowerPC Chip

* The PowerPC 970MP (running up to 2.5GHZ) is a dual-core version of the PowerPC 970FX, which is commonly found in Macintosh computers running G5 processors.

* Apple declined to comment on whether the company would use the PowerPC 970MP in any of its products.

* Each of the two 64-bit cores has its own dedicated 1MB of level-two cache memory. That means that either side of the chip can be powered down to a state IBM calls "doze" while the other core continues to work. Helps save power and extends the life of the computer.

wedge Also announced a new low-power 970FX PowerPC G5 processor.

* A 1.2GHz version and a 1.4GHz version believed to be cool enough to operate inside a PowerBook enclosure with an advanced cooling system.

wedge Forbes speculates on Apple becoming a wireless carrier

* Since Disney announced they are entering the wireless game, why can't Apple

* Becoming a "mobile virtual network operator," or MVNO. They use other cel networks, like Sprint to offer custom targeted services. Like iTunes.

wedge July 7th Apple event did happen in France

* Very few details, but there was an Apple iPod event held on a boat in France and attended by a majority of the Apple France management team.

wedge Apple lowers iPod replacement battery cost

* Apple has quietly lowered the price of its iPod Battery Replacement Program from $99 to $59.

wedge Apple has released DVD Playback Update 4.6.1

* The update for Apple's OS X built-in DVD Player "addresses a disc validation issue some users may encounter when attempting to play a disc for the first time with DVD Player 4.6."

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge Followup on Mac journal software

* Steve looking for journal software with audio capabilities

* A number of people recommened Journaler from
Journaler -
* NoteTaker from Aquaminds
NoteTaker - Aquaminds
* NoteBook from CircusPonies
NoteBook - Cirus Ponies
wedge Using Mics with your Mac

* Marklab having trouble using a headset or computer mic with a PowerBook G4.

* You Macs port is a line in port and requires a preamplifier to work.

* Can use a Griffin iMic to connect via USB

wedge Getting caught up in the next great thing

* An email from Richard made me feel philosophical about the topic of waiting for the next great Apple product.

* The laws of technology say that every 3-6 months there is a new upgrade coming, but if your always looking to the future your going to miss the present.

wedge Unable to create user account after Tiger upgrade

* Play question from Jonatan

* Boot from OS X DVD and run repair permissions from Disk Utility
Thread on
wedge Slow motion Aqua tricks

* Listener Richard pointed out an old easter egg that works with almost all of OS X's cool visual effects

* Holding the shift key will put all effects into slow motion. Expose, Finder, Dashboard, etc.

wedge Automating folders with AppleScript

* Play question from Lance

* Folder Actions
Folder Actions
* Example script to auto compress files placed in a folder
Example: Auto compress
wedge Creating compatible DVDs

wedge From the forum, Serpico:

* I had to use MagicISO to create an ISO from the IMG file iDVD created. Then opened NERO and tried to burn it. I used a small file first on a CD-R, then a DVD-R. It played on the PC notebook using WinDVD, but not on the Mac Mini or any of the home dvd players I own. I really need to complete a project and this would be very helpful. I really like iDVD.

wedge Creating a Podcast RSS feed

* Play question from Matt

* Understanding RSS news feeds, Podcasting News
Understanding RSS Feeds
wedge Software tools

wedge Blog software

* Blogger + Feedburner
* Wordpress
* Moveable Type from Six Apart—movabletype
wedge eMacCast is Launched

* The enhanced version of the MacCast
eMacCast RSS Feed
* Thanks to Mitch for doing the production

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