MacCast 07.26.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge New Mac Mini and iBook Part Numbers

* New part numbers are reported showing up in Apple's database

* Suggest 3 Mac Mini models. priced at $499, $599, and $699. The $699 model could possibly mean larger disk and more memory.

* iBook shows a $999.00 and $1299 model with the $1499.00 model being dropped. Best guess is the SuperDrive will become a build to order option only.

wedge Photos of Widescreen iBooks on Apple's web site? I think not.

* There are screenshots floating around the net today allegedly from a slip up on Apple's web site last night.

* Shows a new 12" standard screen iBook and a 14" widescreen. The widescreen however is in a non-standard ratio (approx. 14:9).

* I'm thinking these are fakes.

wedge iPods at RadioShack for the Holidays

* AppleInsider reports that Apple and RadioShack have sealed a deal for the retail to carry the full line up of iPods in time for the holidays.

wedge Delicious Library Co-Founder to work for Apple

* Mike Matas has accepted a position to design icons and user interface for Apple.

* Began working for OmniGroup during high school and founded Delicious Monster with Wil Shipley (also from OmniGroup).
wedge Latest Safari updates seeded to developers

* Safari 2.0 Update 1 for Mac OS X 10.4.x and Safari 1.3 Update 6 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 are identical, correcting a number of small bugs that could crash the browser and other small anomalies.

* Also pre-release builds of Mac OS 10.4.3 are said to be ready to go out to developers. The update is expected to be released around mid-September

wedge Apple does not appear on new Microsoft mapping software

* Monday Microsoft launched the beta of it's new mapping software, MSN's Virtual World.

* There is mostly a vacant lot displayed at One Infinite Loop

* Nothing nefarious here, apparently Microsoft's satellite images are just very very old.

wedge MacCast One Minute Tip #4 - Photos and DVD

* Play Tip

* "Mandelbrot Set" by Jonathan Coulton (MP3)
"Mandelbrot Set" by Jonathan Coulton
wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge Stuffit no longer included with OS X

* Listener Alex was having issue opening the Windows Media Player install which is in Stuffit format (.sitx)
Stuffit Expander from Allume
wedge Widows Media Player crashes under 10.4.2

* Listener Thi was having issues where Windows Media Player would crash everytime he launched it.

* Trouble seems to be the "Modern" skin and an incompatibility with OS 10.4.2

* Need to do a complete reinstall (also trash preferences) to get it resolved.

* Alternative to Windows Media Player, Video Lan Client
wedge Turn external hard drive to a network drive

* Listener Chris wants to know how to share an external USB drive over a network wirelessly

* Connect drive to a network Mac or PC and then share the drive.

* Linksys Network Storage Link—NSL
wedge -36 error when syncing iPod in iTunes

* Listener Aaron is getting an error, "Attempting to copy to the disk 'My iPod" failed. An unknown error occurred (-36)".

* Many causes and resolution in this tech article on—article.html
* Most likely can be fixed via a restore of the iPod using the iPod Updater

wedge Mac Bootup options

* Play question from Jay

* Good information on how OS X boots on—arch_boot.html
wedge Boot keys:

* Command-S Boot into Single User Mode
Command-V Boot using "Verbose" mode (shows all kernel and startup console messages)
X Reset startup disk selection and boot into Mac OS X Server
Shift Boot into "Safe Boot" mode, which runs Disk First Aid. A reboot will be required afterward.
Option Boot into Open Firmware to select a boot device
Command-Option-Shift-Delete Bypass internal hard-drive on boot
T Boot into Firewire target disk mode
C Boot from the internal optical drive
N Start from the Network (NetBoot)
Command-Option-P-R Reset Parameter RAM (PRAM) and non-volatile RAM (NVRAM)
(mouse button) Eject (internal) removable media

wedge The Apple Store experience from a new switcher

* Play comment from George.

wedge Showmacster offer for listeners

* Showmacster add on for iChat to send video, pictures, sound and screenshots
* The first 100 MacCast listeners can purchase ShowMacster for only 5 Euro (around $7), that's a 10 Euro (~ $12) discount!

* Use the coupon code 'MacCast'

* Thanks to the developer, Eberhard Rensch.

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* MacCast was nominated in 2 categories. People's choice and Technology. Thanks to all who nominated me.
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wedge MacCast under attack by hackers. Again.

* Attempted to put some sort of OLE object (Active X) on the site

* Not sure what they were trying to accomplish.

* Offending code has been removed and I upped security to try and make sure it doesn't happen again.

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wedge "Polyvinyl" by Aratone

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Aratone on iTunes
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