MacCast 08.17.2005
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wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Microsoft iPod Patent dispute

* Apple is of course appealing the decision by the Patent office.

* On the extreme, a UK source is reporting Bill Gates and his lawyers are seeking $10/per iPod on all future sales to settle the lapse in licensing.

* More reliable sources state that if Apple loses the appeal and Microsoft successfully makes a patent infringement case stick, the settlement will be a cross-licensing deal with little or no money changing hands.

* Apple could file a declaration stating that it invented the technology before Microsoft filed its patent request -- as evidenced by all the iPods already on the market at the time.

* Even though the US system is "first to invent" on patents, Microsoft will probably have to prove the were actively developing a design based on the patent.

* Apple also could alter its patent claims so they don't overlap with Microsoft's.

* Apple and Microsoft signed a five-year agreement in 1997 to share technology. When the deal expired in 2002, the music-player patents in question may have been covered.

wedge $50 iBook sale results in mob and injuries

* A mad rush Henrico County (Richmond, Virginia) School’s $50 iBook sale left a handful of people with scrapes and bruises.

* One woman is reported to have peed her pants rather than lose her place in line.

* Some reports state that as many as 5,500 people showed up for the sale of 1,000 iBooks. Only residents of Henrico County were eligible.

wedge Apple may be partnering with Google to sell iTunes

* Being reported by the

* Goggle will somehow offer iTunes music through it's network.

wedge Apple releases Security Update 007

* Has 44 security updates, although most are non-critical.

* Many items are for services not enabled by default, like Apache 2

* Still update though

wedge Build your own Mac for $199

* This article on OSx86 Project shows everything you need to build an Intel based Mac for $200—index.php
* Of course you'll have no Apple quality control or support and be running an (illegal) copy of the OS.

wedge Hong Kong inventor files DRM patent lawsuit against Apple and others

* Ho Keung Tse of Hong Kong filed a lawsuit alleging that the digital rights management (DRM) technology used by Apple Computer, Sony Connect, Real Networks, Napster and MusicMatch infringes on his patent.

* Issued in 1998 the patent describes a method for "Protection of Software Against Unauthorized Use". The patent describes a method that embeds personal information in the downloaded files to act as a "psychological barrier" to discourage sharing.

* Tse contacted Apple 11 months ago, but they have been unable to reach an out of court agreement. Tse will allow companies unrestricted use of his DRM technology if they agreed to a "reasonable licensing fee."

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge OS X for PC Feedback

* Many people pointing out the seamless hardware and software integration and control, plus reliability

* Loss of market share

* OS will be less reliable. What about support issues.

wedge Messenger 5 with other chat systems

* Listener Paul let me know it only works if you have a Microsoft Live Communications server available to you.
Live Communications Server
wedge Apple Certified Alliance Directory

* From listener Jayson, Users can use this page to look for Mac OS X Certified professionals. For training and Certification
Apple Certified Alliance
* If you need a Apple consultant or independent service center try the Apple Consultant Network
wedge Recommendation for running Apple scheduled maintenance scripts

* Play recommendation for Anacron
Anacron for OS X
wedge Make sure you run the latest version of Disk Utility

* When running repair permissions, make sure you boot from CD, burn the version on your hard drive and not from the CD

* Listener Yaw pointed out that the permissions change in different updates.

wedge Buyer beware when purchasing older Macs. No Tiger upgrade.

* If you take advantage of great deals on older Macs with Panther pre-installed, listener Neil warns the Apple Up-to-date program has expired.

wedge Single Processor 1.8 GHz G5 the buggiest Mac ever?

* These 100 people (and Mike Talmadge) seem to think so.
* The only system concerned by this failure is the Power Mac G5/1.8 Single (late 2004). Apple released a different Power Mac G5/1.8 Single on June 23th 2003, which was discontinued on November 18th 2003

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