MacCast 08.20.2005
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wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge Apple's 007 security update break 64-bit, new update available

* Apple's latest security update accidentally installed a 32-bit only LibSystem which disabled 64-bit enabled applications

* The issue was first discovered by Wolfram Research makes of Mathematica—index.html
* A new version of the update to fix 64-bit support is available

wedge Apple launches Repair Extension program for iMacs

* addressing video and power issues related to the iMac G5

* Symptoms are scrambled or distorted video, no video, and no power. If your iMac does not display these symptoms, there is no need to contact Apple

* Affected were sold from September 2004 to June 2005 with both 17-inch and 20-inch displays and 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz processors.

* Get specific serial numbers and more info on Apple's web site
iMac G5 Repair Extension Program
wedge Is Apple trying to temp user to upgrade pre-Intel?

* MacObserver is reporting rumors of major new announcements at the Apple Expo in Paris

* Dual-Core PowerMac G5 based on the IBM 970MP processors. If the Macs remain dual processor we are looking at "dual dual" 4x machines. Still wanna wait for Intel?

* G5 Mac Minis

* New G4 PowerBooks based on next generation processors from Freescale Semiconductors running as fast as 2Ghz

* Lead times on shipping of PowerMacs and iBooks has increased on Apple's website, usually a sign of a production wind down.

* Apple Expo is September 20th.

wedge Apple Retail Store having negative impact on resellers

* As Apple's sales increase many independent reseller are reporting major loses in sales, especially in locations with Apple retail stores

* Some, like Mac Made Easy in Honolulu, have seen as much as a 50% drop off.

wedge iPodderX now does Windows

* Public beta now available
* Supports Bittorrent, Built-in news reader, displays hyperlinks in shownotes

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge More OS X for PC Feedback

* Most people seem to be in favor of OS X for the common PC

* Play comments from Michael

* Some others still feel the hardware/software integration is too critical to the stability and quality of the platform

* Play comment from Rob (4:19)

wedge Tip: Making a Mightier Mighty Mouse

* You can assign various functions, such as a shortcut key input (Command + [)
Customize the scroll-ball
Assign functions per application

* USB Overdrive ($20.00 USD)
* SteerMouse ($20.00 USD)
wedge Will Apple ever produce a PDA?

* Play question from Scott

* Apple did it's called the Newton
Wikipedia - Apple Newton
* I wouldn't hold your breath. Rumors that Steve Jobs hated the Newton project, plus PDA sales are in a decline

wedge Tip: Never forget to add a mail attachment again

* From Cameron

* Make sure you add the Mail icon to the dock (there by default)

* Drag the attachment onto the Mail icon, Mail will automatically open a new message with the file attached. Then just compose and send.

wedge Music on the MacCast

* Play comment from Steve

* I get mixed reviews on Music, mostly positive. Hey this is Podcasting, you can always just stop the show. ;)

wedge Apple needs a "try it, you'll like it" program

* Listener James told me how after switching he now understand how you can get enjoyment from using a computer. We talked about this concept with Amber a bit

* Apple stores should give out iBooks and one week loans. They could even have the Geniuses transfer PC data, files and emails and then set up the systems.

wedge eMacCast Artwork Contest

* I need artwork to display in the Album art for various sections of the eMacCast.

* Categories:
- News
- Review
- Comment
- Tips & Tricks
- Question
- Answer

* Will post the original layered PhotoShop file of the hi-res "MacBert" logo in the forum contest area for download.

* You have until midnight on 9/1/2005 to post your images (300 x 300 pixel PNG or JPEG)

* Winners will each receive a $10 iTunes gift certificate (one per image)

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wedge "Beautiful Drive" by Tara Leigh Cobble

* From the Podsafe Music Network