MacCast 08.23.2005
wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music

* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles

wedge News

wedge FCC documents verify Motorola iTunes model

* A manual submitted by Motorola to the FCC verifies that Motorola E790 is the much awaited iTunes phone.

* Connecting the phone to your computer causes it to appear as a device in iTunes that you can then drag tracks and playlists to.

* Details on Macncell
wedge Flash based iPod Minis or 2 and 4 GB Shuffles?

* An analyst has reported that Samsung has offered Apple flash memory at the same size and prices that Apple currently pays hard drive manufactures

* This could mean smaller more durable iPod minis and helps Samsung secure a long term contact with Apple for flash media.

* Meanwhile there are reports that temporarily posted listings for 2GB and 4GB iPod Shuffles.

wedge Welcome the next governor of the great state of California, Steve Jobs?

* The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that "democratic activists" are throwing Steve Jobs name around as a potential candidate in 2006. They are also throwing around Robin Williams name too, so not sure I'd put too much stock in this.

wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary

wedge Tip: Speed up spring loaded folders

* Listener Per-Olof pointed out that if you use spring loaded folders, you can bypass the wait by pressing the spacebar while hovering over the folder.

* Is there a way to go back up a level when using spring loaded folders?

* I personally use column view, so i can just move left back a column

wedge Some serious issues with some 30" Apple Cinema displays

* Listener Kenny told me about an issue with the 30" display where some displays (his included) display flickering or dancing blue-green pixels

* Threads on Apple's forums have literally hundreds of posts on this.
* No real long term solutions offered. Turning off the display offers short term resolution. Other recommened reducing brightness, changing desktops, etc.

* Theories as to the cause are overheating, running at non-native resolutions and dual link cards.

wedge Review: Desktop Manager

* Play review from Sky

* Desktop Manager web site
* The developer warns that this is alpha software and was tested on Panther, so use carefully.

wedge Tiger no longer uses Crontab for periodic maintenance

* Listener Ben pointed out that Tiger now uses a Launch daemon (launchd) for the scheduled periodic maintenance.

* Normally launchd will schedule daily maintenance and 3:15 at night,
but if your mac is not on at that time it will perform the
maintenance at a later date (similar to anacron).

wedge Don't need to run repair permissions from CD/DVD

* Several listeners pointed to that repair permissions will run just fine (and is probably preferred because of changes between updates) when launched from your boot volume.

* You still need to boot from CD/DVD if you want to repair a boot volume.

wedge eMacCast Artwork Contest

* I need artwork to display in the Album art for various sections of the eMacCast.

* Categories:
- News
- Review
- Comment
- Tips & Tricks
- Question
- Answer

* Will post the original layered PhotoShop file of the hi-res "MacBert" logo in the forum contest area for download.

* You have until midnight on 9/1/2005 to post your images (300 x 300 pixel PNG or JPEG)

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wedge "Take Back Sunday" by Rally Car

* From listener Dino who is in the band

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