MacCast 08.30.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple applies for "Made for iPod" trademark
* Filed August 10th and covers all sorts of iPod peripherals
* A way for Apple to get licensing dollars out of iPod accessories.
V Developers expecting smooth transition to Intel
* Good news as many developers are reporting the Intel transition may be the easiest one yet
* Apple's transitions 68K to PowerPC, OS 9 to OS X, PowerPC to Intel
* Most say the biggest hurdle is transitioning to XCode. Those who have already done so will have the easiest time. Still will be many challenges for the smaller developers and those using Carbon code and code that takes advantage of Altivec.
* Intel also announced it is porting it's developer tools, consisting of a complete set of compilers and performance-enhancing libraries, to Mac OS X as plug-ins for XCode.
V Apple secures a steady supply of G4 chips
* Apple entered an agreement with Freescale semiconductor to supply PowerPC G4 chips through 2008
* The agreement states Apple is not required to buy any chips beyond what was already in place when this agreement was signed
* Apple will need chips to cover AppleCare agreements which will extend well into 2008
V Apple wins PC Mags People's Choice Awards, again
* Came out on top in both Desktops and Notebook, well ahead of PC competitors, scoring a 9.2 in both categories.
* Closest desktop PC was Alienware 8.8. Closest PC laptops were IBM and Fujitsu at 8.4
* Not because of fanatics. readers reported Apple desktops only needed repairs 11 percent of the time. 16% for Sony. Apple laptops were sent for repairs 17 percent of the time, just under Averatec at 14%
* Now of course we know Apple is not perfect. Singe processor G5 issue, iMac G5 fan noise and Power supply issues, iBook logic board, etc. Remember Apple makes millions of systems each year and defects do occur.
* Reports of Apple "deleting" threads on the discussion forum. Be polite and persistent. Also try escalating your calls.
V Stupid iPod thief gets caught red handed at Apple store
* A thief in the UK took the stolen iPod to an Apple store to get a cable, too bad the guy he stole it from worked there.
* Adrian Smith, manager of Apple retailer KCRS though the device looked familiar and when he plugged it into a store matching it mounted and showed "Adrian's iPod".
* A store clerk kept the "customer" distracted while police were called in to arrest the man.
V Windows apps are running under OSX86, sort of
* Make magazine reports on a project over at where they have successfully run Windows apps on Intel based Macs using Wine (an open source compatibility layer for Windows) and X11
* Took a lot of tweaking and is not very stable, but works.
* The WINE project web site
V Some record companies pushing for higher iTunes prices
* The New Your Times is reporting that at least two of the 4 major record labels want a more complex per song pricing structure.
* Possible $1.49 for new releases while older tracks maybe allowed to go for less.
* Apple probably has the upper hand in this one. iTunes has been extremely successful with it's current model and they have approx. 75% of the online market-share
V Safari 2.01 Update released
* improves website compatibility, application stability and support for 3rd party web applications.
* Also update for Panther
V Special Apple Music event planned for September 7th
* Apple notified the press with an invitation to a "special event" being held Sept. 7 in San Francisco.
* The invite reads, "1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything, Here we go again."
V Take your pick:
* Video iPod
* Flash Based iPod Minis, Mini with color screen
* 2 GB or 4GB iPod Shuffle
* iTunes Phone
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Typical PC User Promo
* Play sweeper
V Video Mac tips
V Screen Casts online video hints and tutorials to help Mac Users
* How to use RSS, what is a Blog and how do you make one, etc.
V One Minute Tip PhotoShop Wednesdays
* Photoshop video tutorial every Wednesday
* Just for fun checkout, macTV. A new short Mac video clip every day. An Ad or parody or famous Apple video clip.
V Little Black dot is a reminder to save
* Ever notice the little black dot that sometimes appears in the red close button (next to the minimize and maximize "stoplight" buttons) in your mac window when you are working on a document? That indicates you have changed the document, but not saved yet.
V Comments from Argentina
* Play feedback from Marcos
* I love that the MacCast is international.
* I'll try to get the Test Drive your Mac picts posted to the forum
V "Cashmere" Macs are not warm and fuzzy
* Listener Charles had a strange experience with his new Mac Mini. When he booted it, it didn't startup the setup wizard
* "It booted right into the desktop, a terminal window opened, and then another window appeared with the title "Cashmere Rework". It was also logged in as root. Ahhhh!
* "Cashmere Rework" is part of a suite of software that Apple uses to test a Powerbook before they pack it up and ship it out. And occasionally I guess they get systems out that were not re-imaged with OS X.
* Return to Apple for an exchange, Take to the Apple Store and have a Genius restore the system or boot from your restore CD/DVD and restore the Mac yourself.
V Listening to AAC and enhanced Podcasts requiring reboots
* Play comment from Adam
V If you are listening, pause and then let the iPod go to sleep. Won't wake without a reset.
* Reboot, restore, etc don't seem to fix it.
* Seems to affect 2nd and 3rd Gen iPods. I could not reproduce it on my iPod Photo.
* Knew of one issue where mono AAC files would cause issues and crashes.
V Review: Kensington Slim Type Keyboard
* Play review from Mitch
* Kensington Slim Type Keyboard
V Long comments, commentary, questions are better suited for the forum.
* I honestly can't spend the time to research stuff I don't immediately know the answer to, so the forum will be your best bet for quick responses.
* I am happy to take and read long feedback, commentary and opinions, but I may not respond. If you want to get other viewpoints and responses use the forums.
V eMacCast Artwork Contest
* I need artwork to display in the Album art for various sections of the eMacCast.
* Categories:
- News
- Review
- Comment
- Tips & Tricks
- Question
- Answer
* Will post the original layered PhotoShop file of the hi-res "MacBert" logo in the forum contest area for download.
* You have until midnight on 9/1/2005 to post your images (300 x 300 pixel PNG or JPEG)
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V "Out of Mind" by Last Minute Ville
* From listener Dean who a fan of the band, and then was able to get permission from the band.