MacCast 09.08.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple's big music announcement today
V Apple/Cingular/Motorola iTunes Phone ROKR—mobile
* Up to 100 Songs on flash memory
* Syncs like iPod Shuffle.
* Music pauses to allow you to take phone calls.
* I'm generally unimpressed. Design is not so cool. RAZR is much better. At least the storage is decent.
* Kevin Rose had the scoop on the iPod Nano. 2GB iPod with color screen, smaller than the Mini for $199.00
* Flash based with color screen. Two capacities, 2GB ($199) and 4GB ($249)
* Two colors Black and white
* Super thin and sexy.
* iPod Nano web page doesn't display properly in Safari.
* Listener reactions.
V New iTunes 5
* Redesigned "squarish" interface.—itunes
* Parental controls.
* Improved search capabilities by narrowing scope.
* Playlist folders
* "Smart" less-random shuffle.
* Outlook syncing on Windows
* Madonna and Harry Potter exclusives
* Appears Podcasts are now mixed into main Library with no option to go back to the old 4.9 method.
V Many users reporting issues with upgrade
* Unable to download or update. "Close iTunes before updating" even after reboot.
* From Craig Patchett, "Hey Adam, a lot of people are reporting problems with the upgrade to iTunes 5, including things like lost podcast subscriptions, lost playlists, reset "Date Added", and more. You may want to post a warning."
V QuickTime 7.0.2 Released
* Minor update with bug fixes and compatibility enhancements
V Steve Jobs will not keynote at Apple Expo
* He will be in attendance, but there will be no Keynote.
* Is this a diversionary tactic to keep rumors and leaks down? Does Apple really have nothing to announce?
V Sony and Apple in licensing talks for Japan iTunes Music Store
* You may have noticed the store launched in Japan with no Sony artists on board
* Japan Today reports Apple and Sony are in talks about licensing its catalog to iTunes.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Listener reation to Apple announcements
* Play comment
V Hurricane Relief PSA
* Play PSA
* There are many charities and organizations you can help.
* Donate clothes, canned goods, diapers, toilet paper, etc.
V iMac G5 Power Supply Issue
* Play comment from Scott
* Apple Do it yourself repair and upgrade. PDF with detailed instructions for many Apple models.—diy
* Before you get upset or say Apple has issues with quality, remember 1,000 bad out of 1 million is only 0.1%
V Yet another browser, Shiira
V Listener Alex let me know about a new browser—en
* Based on Apple's Web Kit and written in Cocoa
* cool features, like Safari and Firefox bookmark integration and Exposé tabs
* Ran a bit slow for me. Liked the logo.
V Audio issues? Check the MIDI Setup
* Some audio applications may change your computer's audio settings to a sample rate that is too high for other applications to use.
* Solution is to check the Applications/Utilities/MIDI Setup Output settings.
* If they are greater than 44100.0 Hz, changechange it back.
* I think this must be what GarageBand does when you use the open close trick we have discussed before.
V Cancel the Save Dialog from the Keyboard
* Play question from Jeff
* You want to escape. Just press the "esc" key.
V Review: SuperDuper
* Play review from Mark
* SuperDuper from Shirt
V eMacCast Artwork Contest Winners
V Contest has ended. And the winners are:
Album Art Contest
* News - roblamb
* Reviews - macfan
* Comment - peterweisz
* Tips & Tricks - rtteachr
* Questions & Answers - Sky and zwarbot
* Follow-up - tdream
* $10 iTunes Gift Certificates for each winner
V motion|VFX Contest
* Syzmon a video professional and recent switcher who fell in love with the Mac so much he has created a new online community for users of Apple's Motion
* He also developed a product and we are giving away a set of his DVDs with Motion HD video templates.
* Send an email to
* Put motion VFX in the subject line.
* Entries must be in before midnight PST on Sunday September 11th.
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