MacCast 09.13.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V IPod Nano Stuff
* People are loving the Nano.—iPod Nano
* No remote control port, which rules out some accessories
V Does do photos, but does connect to a TV for display.
* Does not support Apples Camera Dock Connector
* Some are upset about lack of Firewire support
* Hard time registering, doesn't appear Nanos are in the database yet.
* No charger included, so must charge via USB.
* ArsTechnica "stress test" prove they are almost impossible to kill Review
V iTunes 5 Stuff
* 3rd Party apps like TiVo desktop and SizzlingKeys are preventing installation of iTunes 5. Somewhat Apple's issue because it seems to just check for any process that has "iTunes" in the name. Quit all 3rd party iTunes apps and add-ons.
* Other install issues. Play question from Michael and answer from Cameron
* Some arrow links on Podcasts (MacCast for example) titles now go to Podcast web site and not page in iTunes.
* Deciphering search? Can anyone help me figure out why MacCast doesn't appear in a podcast search for "Mac"?
V Podcasts now in main Library
* Adds Podcast entry to the Artists
* Use the Search Bar (Edit-->Show Search Bar) to filter view.
* Gives back the ability to use podcasts with Smart playlists
* Seems to be people on both sides some like it the old way some new. I wish Apple made it an option.
* Ability to add lyrics. Sync with Nano.
* One listener reports that Burn CD will ask you to insert a CD, but no longer requires that you click burn again.
* On a good note, listener Aaron says iTunes 5 seemed to fix the -36 errors that would occur when syncing iPods via Firewire with other Firewire devices attached.
V ROKR iTunes Phone
* Many people pointing out that the Motorola E1 iTunes phone, looks almost identical to the Motorola E398, just in white and with an iTunes button. Some wonder if you could hack the E398 firmware to get iTunes support.
* Engadget confirms a 100 song storage limit regardless of card storage capacity. Says it's due to licensing and Apple wanted a 25 song limit and according to Motorola the 100 song limit was a compromise.
* Also does not support audio books from Audible
* Why not a Nano RAZR phone?
V New Tiger Updates and Developer Transition Kits Updates seeded
* New builds of OS 10.4.3 have been distributed to developers and testers
* Over 500 bug fixes with a late September release
V First update 10.4.2 for the Developer Kits
* Complete System replacement to bring the development kit OS features up to date with the PowerPC version of Tiger.
* Address piracy concerns by rendering earlier Xcode 2.2 Universal Binaries useless after the update.
V Will there finally be an Itunes Music Store Australia??
* Forbes is reporting an October 3rd launch date, but with limited selection
* Only 2 (Sony and Warner Music) of the major record companies have signed with Apple. The reason is Apple wants to stick with the $0.99 per track pricing while the labels want a tired pricing structure.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V iPod Digital flip books
* Using iPod Linux to get video
V Followup on keys to activate Save dialog buttons
* Esc maps to cancel
* For dialogs with no text input you can sometime press the key that maps to the first letter of the name of the button, i.e. "D" for "Don't Save"
* If there is a text entry field, try Command (Apple)+the letter
* Also in some dialog boxes try pressing the option key and it can change the default action of the button, also works for menus. Get Info --> Show Inspector
V Cell phones with Mac syncing support
* Play comment from Jessica
* Apple page of supported devices
Apple iSync Supported Devices
* The Missing Sync from Markspace. Palm, Windows Mobile and Hiptops
* Mac-n-Cell for Macintosh cell phone questions
V JogTunes iTunes to workout by
* Listener Bob has a unique web site
* Using iTunes playlists create workouts. Built to set time and pacing using Beat per Minutes. So you have a warm-up, workout and cool-down.
* Links to get the music through iTunes. Download your workout playlists and go. You can also submit your own workouts to their forum.
V Quicktime 7 incompatible with Divx
* Play question from Dustin
* Remove Divix Quicktime component. /Library/Quicktime and ~/Library/Quicktime
* Also will fix the double help menu issue
V How to convert AAC to MP3
* Play comment from Yohan
* VideoCue Pro from VaraSoftware—videocue
* I just use iTunes to convert.
V North Coast Macintosh Users Group Expo
* The North Coast Macintosh Users group will be holding it's Expo on October 1st in Santa Rosa California.—mce.html
* With over 1,000 attendees it is the largest Expo of it’s type in the North Bay second only to Mac World in San Francisco
* Rik Myslewski, Editor of MacAddict magazine will be the keynote
V Closing
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V "Sound Scientist" by bill
* If you submit a song or recommendation and you are not in the band I need permission from the Band, a manager or the label
* From the Pod Safe Music Network