MacCast 09.16.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V The Debate over iPod Nano Sales
* Seems to be some confusion in the media
* Some outlets says sales are slow, while analysts like Piper Jaffery says sales are good?
* Many non-Apple Store retail locations only have the 2GB models and there seems to be a shortage of the Black color.
V Apple files for "iPodcast" trademark
V Some are speculating it could be an attempt to make Podcasts proprietary—iPod Nano
* Remember the proprietary RSS tag issue where they created "duplicate" itunes versions of existing tags.
* There are two filings one to cover hardware and one to cover communications
* I would be home interested in seeing a software use. An iPodcast app for the production of Podcasts.
V Windows users cry foul with iTunes Update
* Problems include: crashing during installation, loss of playlists, inexplicable duplication of songs, conflicts with other software, and issues with the iTunes Music Store.
* Apple has made it almost impossible to roll-back.
* I had one listener who was providing instructions and help for users to roll back on Apple's Discussion forums and his posts were removed and he was asked to stop posting links to the old iTunes 4.9 software install.
V Possible PowerMac G5 revisions?
* It seems too early since they were just updated in July
* Think Secret is reporting, due to slow sales, a premature revision of the PowerMac is due this month, possibly at next weeks Mac Expo
* Possibly using the IBM Dual-Core 970MP processor. 50-80% performance improvement over single-core PowerPC
V "Hidden" video icons in iTunes 5 fuel speculation
* New "Gift Video", "Buy Video", and "Add Video" icons found within the resources in iTunes 5
* Most likely are to support Apple selling music videos at $1.99
V New JAVA Updates available
* Java 1.3.1 for Panther and 1.4.2 Release 2 for Tiger are available via Software Update
* Offer improved reliability and compatibility with JAVA
V Reviews
V Kensington Pocket Mouse
* Play review from Chris
* Kensington Pocket Mouse ($39.99)
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V As expected Motorola E398 Hacked to do iTunes
* TWiT and John (I get no SPAM) Dvorak reporting that someone has provided a firmware hack to allow the Motorola E398 to sync with iTunes
Entry on Dvorak/blog
* Apparently this hack existed even before the ROKR came out.
V DVD Studio Pro 4.0 Templates missing
* Play question from John
V Answers from Apple's forum
* Go to preferences/general. Select DVD = SD.
Then, the DVD 4 templates show up.
The reason is, they're only HD!
* In the Preferences of DVDSP4 and in the Destination Pane there is a drop down menu. Embedded down in the last line of the selections is the Show Palette Elements. Upon clicking Reset in the Stock category DVDSP began to load all of the templates back into the application.

So, when setting Destination Folders on a Project be sure to not change the Palette Elements. And, if they are changed for some reason, click Reset and DVDSP will load them back.
V Follow-up: More phone device syncing options
* PocketMac Pro for Pocket PC and other devices
V Tip: Use Spotlight to find by "anything"
* Alex pointed out the "Other..." option when you do a Command+F find and select the Kind drop-down.
* This will let you search by just about any type of file metadata.
V Follow-up: More Dialog box keyboard controls
* Gregory points out...Pressing tab (forward) or shift-tab (back) will let you shift focus on controls in the dialog boxes. This includes buttons.
* You can change this in the Keyboard and Mouse settings Preference pane, using the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. At the bottom are options for Full Keyboard access you can make it "textboxes and lists only" or "All controls"
V Follow-up: DivX Fusion Beta works in Tiger
* Listener Adam reports that this distribution of DivX is working fine under OS 10.4.2 and with Quicktime 7
* DivX Fusion Beta
V Tip: More Hotkeys
* Play comment from Trent
* Apple+Shift+4 and press spacebar to get camera and take screen shots of individual elements
V Question: Bluetooth goes missing
* Play question from Mike
V Make sure you have the latest Apple Bluetooth firmware update
Apple Bluetooth Firmware Update
* May want to research a little on Apple's discussion board, so have had trouble running the update
* Make sure you installed the BSD subsystem. If not install it, in the optional installs folder on your OS X install discs
Bluetooth BSD Subsystem
V Motion VFX Contest Winner
* Mike Holley, a film student in Utah.
* Get a copy of the MotionVFX Volume 1 & 2 DVDs with professional Motion templates
* Thanks to Szymon (She-mon) for donating these copies.
V Closing
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