MacCast 09.21.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple Expo yields no new hardware
* Ogrady's PowerPage had reported on expected Powerbook speed bump, but sites that Intel PowerBooks are not expected until mid-to-late 2006
* Reports that a section of the Apple booth is covered in black cloth and iBooks and PowerBooks are mysteriously missing
* Alas no new hardware
V Jobs says record labels are getting "greedy"
* Apple will not raise iTunes pricing amid record industry pressure.
* At the Apple Expo on Tuesday Jobs was quoted as saying, "If we want to raise prices on iTunes, it just means getting a little greedy - consumers won't like that. It will just be a message to consumers to go back to piracy and that's not good. If the price goes up a lot, they'll go back to piracy and everybody loses. Everybody loses."
* he also said, "If the price goes up, they (consumers) will go back to piracy and everybody loses,"
V Quotes from Apple Expo
* Some interesting quotes from Steve at the Apple expo
* "We will have technology in OS X for Intel so that it cannot be installed in other PCs," he said. "Theft is bad," he said, warning: "You don’t want to burn in Hell."
* When asked on company policy for not discussing future products: “Microsoft is copying our operating system, Dell is copying our hardware."
V Jobs says Apple on track of Intels mid-2006
* At Apple Expo Jobs told reporters they are right on schedule for a mid-2006 launch of the Intel based systems.
* So there may be no Intel hardware at MacWorld January after all. Or Steve is just leading us on.
V Apple updates .Mac
V 1GB of combined email and iDisk storage. The Family Pack now offers 2GB of storage.
* Getting your Mac to see the new storage. Need to stop .Mac Syncing (if enabled) log into .Mac and reset your email vs. storage preferences. Change it.
V As expected Backup 3.0 was released
* - Preset backup plans for iLife content and other Mac essentials
- Automatic scheduling to CDs and DVDs
- Incremental backups
- Advanced file restoration
- The ability to back up more than one Mac to your iDisk
V .Mac Groups
* - Group Photos
- Announcements
- Group Calendar
- Share photos and files
- Post messages
V MacWorld Boston officially cancelled
* After being moved back from New York only 2 years ago the event was finally cancelled
* Without support from Apple the demand for the show just wasn't there.
V WIRED reports on Apple legal vs. iPod domains
* WIRED is now reporting on what we already knew.
Apple vs iPod Domains
* Apple has been targeting web sites, products and retailers that they feel are "infringing" on or using the term iPod in their name or URL.
* Not long ago iPodLounge re-branded as iLounge.
V Patent shows ideas for integrated video on laptops
* A recently published Apple patent shows designs for a video camera built into the latch of a laptop
* Possibly an integrated camera for iChat AV.
V 3 new Apple retails store to open in the US this weekend
* All open September 24th at 10:00 AM
* Apple Store Florida Mall opens in Orlando, FL (8001 South Orange Blossom Trail)
* Apple Store Penn Square opens in Oklahoma City, OK (1901 NW Expressway St.)
* Apple Store South Hills Village opens in Pittsburgh, PA (301 South Hills Village)
V iTunes 5.0.1 update released. Fixes bugs.
* Can now view shared music without enabling the 'Radio'
* Random playlists are once again really random
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Using Chapter Tool to fit more than 100 songs on your ROKR
* G4 TV has details of a simple solution to the 100 song limit on the iTunes ROKR phone
The 100 Song Hack
V Issues with new .Mac Groups
* The URL does not seem to work
* You need a .Mac account to access
V Initial impressions of Backup 3
* Do a live walkthrough. Initially comes up with some default backup "plans".
V Tip: Keyboard access to Safari Bookmark Bar
* Listener Alex points out that you can hold down the Command (Apple) + a number key to quickly access the items in your Safari bookmark bar
V KeyCue virtual keyboard shortcut cheat sheet
* Mike sent this link to KeyQue software from Ergonis
Ergonis KeyCue
* Runs in the background and in any app when the command key is pressed automatically displays an overlay with all the keyboard shortcuts.
* Also make PopChar, which adds a little "p" icon to the toolbar that when clicked displays a list of special characters. To insert one you just select it from the chart.
V Follow-up: Missing Bluetooth module
* Listener Mike also said that he was able to solve his issues with his Powerbook bluetooth module by resetting his PMU
Resetting your PMU
* Andrew also recommend zapping the PRAM.
V Possible issues with lower memory slot on 15" Powerbooks
V Listener Scott points out an apparent issue with some 15" PowerBook models where the lower memory slot fails
Lower Memory Slot failure
* PowerBook G4, 15”, 1.67GHz
PowerBook G4, 15”. 1.5GHz
PowerBook G4, 15”, 1.33GHz
PowerBook G4, 15”, 1.25GHz
PowerBook G4, 15”, 1GHz
* Many have reported having the issue repaired by Apple only to have it break again
V Unleash your inner artist with GarageBand
* Apple gives you great software to enable your creative side. GarageBand and the Jam Packs
* Jam Packs on sale at $89.00 each with buy two get one free. Look for "Special Offer" on their product page. Expires September 25th
Jam Packs at Amazon
* Play Scott's Groove
V SuperDrive Issue with Mac Mini
* Play comment from Brian
* Can also call AppleCare and they will send you a box and shipping label. Door to door 3-4 day turnaround.
* Now the Mini, but many are covered under the new DIY program
Apple DIY Repairs
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