MacCast 09.24.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple releases 8th security update of 2005
* Fixes 10 "critical" security holes
* Symantec and the French Security Incident Response Team both said the vulnerabilities were serious, although none of the holes were ever exploited.
V IPod updater released for Shuffle
* Contains bug fixes
V Rumor of Mac Mini updates coming next week
* Appears Mac Minis will be getting minor updates just two months after the last bump—macmini
* 1.25 to 1.33 GHz and 1.42 to 1.5Ghz
* Hard drive stay same size, but moved from 4200 RMP to 5400 RPM drives
* Mid-range and high-end models will receive a new AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth module featuring Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
* SuperDrive model will get an 8x drive, up from 4x
V Apple's margin on Nanos could be as high as 50%
* iSuppli, a market research firm, tore apart a Nano and determined it to contain approx. $90 in components—ipodnano
* Does not factor in R&D and marketing costs
* This is why Apple makes money on it's hardware
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V MacCast Sweeper
* Play sweeper from Marks
V Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari Tabs
* Play comment from Wayne
* ⌘T - new tab
⌘⌃T - new tab behind
⌘⌃ + } - moves to next tab
⌘⌃ + { - moves to previous tab
⌘ + click - opens link in new tab
⌘⌃ + click - open link in new tab behind
⌘W - closes current tab
* Need to have a page loaded in the tab for the switching to work
V iCal calendars won't keep their color
* Play question from Andrea
* Repair permissions.
V Trick for syncing the iTunes Library between 2 Macs
* Listener Chad found syncOTunes software
syncOtunes Software
V What it does
* select the iTunes library file from your first Mac
* open the iTunes library of your second Mac through a network share.
* syncOtunes compares the song lists and creates a folder for each of your Mac's, containing the missing song files.
* import that folder into iTunes with an applescript, not needed files are automatically trashed, and you're done.
* Sound a little but "hacky", but does the trick I guess
V Review of Hawking Technology HWL2A USB WiFi Adapter
* Play review from Steve
V Applescript for merging iTunes tracks as bookmark-able AACs
* Join Together and Link to Doug's Scripts
V Tips of a happy visit to the Genius Bar
* Be prepared to wait. Even with an appointment it can take 2-3 hours to get service. You can't know how long you may need to spend on each issue.
* If possible try coming mid-week. Friday-Sunday are obviously the busiest times
* When you get to the store make sure you log in.
* A Specialist cannot help you with repair or service issues.
* If a Genius is not at the bar they are most likely in the back servicing a machine.
V iPod specific stuff
* Be sure to try resetting and restoring the iPod before you try taking it to the Genius Bar
* Apple cannot work on HP iPods
* If you dropped your iPod and it broke Apple will not replace it and it is not covered under warranty
* Be patient, courteous and polite. Getting angry will not help anyone.
V MacCast 100th Show Contest Shaping up
* I don't want to divulge all the details yet, but I am getting some great prizes from vendors.
* Grand Prize will be an 4GB iPod Nano with "MacCast 100" engraved on the back.
* Any donations to help fund the contest would be appreciated.
* We have $174.00 donated in September so far, I will up that to $250 and donate that to the hurricane relief. If I get more than another $250 in donations in September I will donate that as well.
V Closing
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