MacCast 09.28.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Is Apple trying to strong arm Intel?
* Reports that first Intel macs due in June would run on Intel’s dual-core Woodcrest and ultra-low-power-consuming Merom processors
* Those processor are not due out until 3rd quarter 2006
* Some say Steve is pressuring Intel into early delivery
* May launch with the Yonah processor due in January
V Are iPod Nanos more delicate than other iPods?
* Numerous reports of Nanos, especially black ones, scratching and screens cracking
iPod Nano Scratching
* Even when polishing with microfiber cloth.
* Others, like Ars Technica, say screens are almost bullet proof.
* Different suppliers, different batches?
* Apple has identified 2 problems. Screen cracking is a "minor issue involving a vendor quality problem in a small number of units" and adds "Our figures show this issue has affected less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the total iPod nano units that we’ve shipped. It is not a design issue."
* Customers affected by the cracked screen issue can contact Apple for a replacement.
* For scratching, Apple claims the Nano is just as resilient against scratches at the 4G iPod and recommends buying a protective case.
V Motorola CEO says he was joking after iPod comment
* Motorola CEO Ed Zander quoted as saying "Screw the Nano, What the hell does the nano do? Who listens to 1,000 songs? People are going to want devices that do more than just play music...."
* Now he says it was just a joke.
* Some think it is a further example of the strained relations between Apple and Motorola
V Apple now offers customer engraving for iPod Shuffles
* Engraving up to 40 characters on the side of the Shuffle and is available as an option on the Apple store website
iPod Engraving
V The secret new Mac Minis
* Think Secret has reports of new 1.5GHz Mac Minis arriving in stores, but in boxes labels as 1.42 GHz.
* The upgraded specs are 8x SuperDrive and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
* The new model is designated PowerMac10,2 following the previous model's PowerMac10,1 designation. It also features an updated Boot ROOM version, 4.9.4f0 from 4.8.9f4.
* The box could contain a 1.42 or "better" system. Apple trying to help clear inventory without lowering prices.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Protecting your Nano and other iPods
* Play comments from Larry
* Crystal Film
Crystal Film
* DecalGirl
* Martin Fields
V Issues logging into .Mac POP accounts after upgrade
* Listener Rogier, points out an annoying change in POP mail setting for .Mac accounts
* Need to now leave the out of your username
V Adding Lyrics to iTunes Automatically
* Alex points out a combo of PearLyrics and Needle Drop Applescipt for iTunes.
Needle Drop
* To get the lyrics, open iTunes and select Library in the source pane. Make sure the PearLyrics widget is running in the Dashboard (or in standalone mode) and the "Copy Lyrics to iTunes" setting is turned on. Then run Needle Drop from the script menu in iTunes. I'd recommend playing each song for 20 to 30 seconds to allow the pearLyrics widget enough time to search the internet. Use more time if your internet connection is slow -- perhaps one full minute. Then just let it run.
* You may want to let it run overnight and it may take several days for a large library. If you have 3,500 songs at 30 sec per sone will take 30 hours.
* Also try Sing Pod
V Review of FlexPed
* My impressions of the FlexPed from Thoughtout
* SiK imp Cable. Firewire/iPod Dock connector, line level output and auto charger.
V Another Wireless USB Adapter
* In addition to the Hawking technologies one from the last show, Treveor says the LINK DWL-122 USB adapter works under Panther and Tiger
DLink DWL-122
* Also Jayson told me, there is Wireless Upgrade package for the Mac Mini available from the Apple stores, which includes both the hardware and installation for a relatively reasonable cost.
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