MacCast 10.04.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V Welcome Channel 5 listeners
* MacCast was mentioned prominently on "The Gadget Show", a program on the Channel 5 terrestrial channel in the UK
The Gadget Show - Channel 5
* I was honored and humbled by the mention. Thanks to the hosts of "The Gadget Show"
V News
V Warner music threatens to "cut off" Apple
* Warner CEO, Edgar Bronfman is insisting not all songs are created equal and Apple must implement a variable pricing structure for iTunes.
V Bronfman also feels they should get a cut of the iPod sales, since music downloads are helping sell iPods
* I believe it's opposite. iPods sell downloads.
* It was just announced that digital download sales tripled in the first half of 2005. Most of those sales on iTunes.
* Warner's Digital strategy chief, Michael Nash, is suggesting Music industry fights back and cut off Apple. He feels Apple has gained too much power.
* Current music industry agreements with Apple run out in early 2006
V Is Apple still planning it's own "smart phone"
* Motorola CEO Ed Zander claims it is "only a matter of time"
* Do we really need to start iPod phone rumors again?
V Rumors of new Apple products abound
V 5th Gen iPods?
* Apple designed click-wheel
* 80 GB iPod with new Hitachi "perpendicular" drive technology
* Small and volume designs
* And the 20 million dollar question, video?
V New PowerMacs
* Dual-core processors
V New PowerBooks
* Bump?
V Mac OS 7 running on a PSP
* Using the Bochs emulator (x86 emulator), running vMac (680x0 emulator) in FreeDOS
Mac OS 7 on PSP
* Takes 4 hours to boot.
* There are also fake picts of a PSP running iTunes 5.0, so please don't email me about that. :)
V IPod subway maps, MTS wants $500
* New York and San Francisco (BART) sent cease and desist letters.
* Has voluntarily removed the Chicago maps until he gets permission and created his own version of the BART maps
V XBox 360 demoed with iPod support
* Can connect an iPod through one of the 3 USB ports on the XBox and use MP3 or WAV formatted music on the iPod as soundtracks in games.
V Another seed of 10.4.3 update sent to developers
* Adds 20 more fixes to the over 500
* Apple acknowledges the Single processor G5 issue and in seed notes asking developers to make fixing the issue a "bigger" priority
1.8GHz models stop responding randomly
* Had one listener write in and it turned out his G5 shipped without a fan installed behind the processor housing/baffle.
V Apple expected to sell 10 million Nanos in 4th Quarter
* UBS Investment Research says Apple may sell as many as 10 million Nanos in the 4th quarter
V Other reports are saying that falling flash memory prices could signal the end of portable hard drive players
* smaller, more durable, use less battery and are expected to reach 16GB by next year.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Response to iPod Nano scratching issues
* Play comment from Allison
V Brasso seems to be the magic cure for scratched iPod
* Here is a how to article
Brasso iPod Restore
* Will cost you about $4.00
* This is a homebrew fix, so use at your own risk. Be very careful especially around the seam around the clickwheel. Use at your own risk.
V Are new Intel Centrino ads Apple inspired
* Ads feature Tony Hawk (a Mac user) and an white and "aqua" feel to the closing titles
Watch the Ads (Windows Media)
* The also only talk about new advances in "laptops", not specifically saying "PC"
* Phil wants to know why not Intel now? Play question
V iMovie video import not working
* Play question from Steve
* Try cleaning the heads on the video camera
V MacCast One Minute Tip #5 - More keyboard tricks
* Play OneMinuteTip
V Switching to a Dvorak keyboard layout
* Play Skype voicemail
V In International preference pane.
* Choose Input menu and scroll down and select Dvorak. May also want to check the box to show input menu in menu bar, so you can easily switch back and forth
V Tiger book suggestions
* Play question from Matt
* The Missing Manual Series
* Tiger Unleashed, huge bible of a book.
Tiger Unleashed, SAMS
V ClamXAV Software Review
* Play review from Jack
* Many people feel Mac users should be pro-active about virus protection
V MacCast 100th Show Submissions
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* One postcard per address please
* I would love international postcards, as long as there are no import or export restrictions for send the item. You may need to pay tariffs or taxes in some countries.
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V "Buh Ba Ba Ba" by Shagg
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