MacCast 10.08.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Internet Feud is impacting MacCast
* Level 3 Communications, has cut off direct communications with rival Cogent Communications
Internet Outage Feud
* Hinges on "peering agreements" in which they agree to establish direct connections between their networks.
* Really impacting Earthlink and Time Warner customers
* As of Friday things should be back to normal
V October 12th "One more thing..." event
V Major speculation is that will be the video iPod
* BBC Music 6 supposedly "leaked" a confirmation
* Apple stopped updating music videos
* 80 GB iPod (possibly silver), camera iPod
* Also rumored, a special edition pink "Madonna" iPod Nano
V New PowerMacs or PowerBooks
* Same size displays, but in higher resolutions
* Possibly using DDR2 memory to further improve performance
* Apple HD TVs or new Cinema Displays with TV tuners?
* There are so many theories it's almost funny. This may be part of Steve's master plan. Leak out a ton of stories so no one knows what to believe.
V "News Flash", Apple can't meet Nano demand
* This should be no surprise, but there is a shortage of 4GB Nanos at least according to Off the Record Research
* Small $50 price difference. Black is the hardest to come by.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Clarifying iPod Nano Scratching Issue
* Play comment from jabakes
* After everything I have read I agree with recent statements from Walt Mossberg. Even though Apple claims the Nano is not more susceptible to scratching, I say don't remove the protective plastic until you get a case or film like The Invisible Shield
V Followup: iMovieHD won't import video
* Everyone has a theory
* Play comment from Jim
Supported Cameras
V Listener Steve says it may be a burned out Firewire port on the DV camera.
* He works for a school and they have several cameras and this has happened to a couple of them.
* He says, "The only thing you can do to avoid this is make sure
you plug in a camera with the power OFF, plug in and then turn on."
V Listener Mike said he has the same issue and resolved it by freeing up drive space (he only had 2GB left on a large HD) and also closing all other apps.
* I had just heard for best performance you should always have 10% of your hard drive space free.
* Listener Josh says it may be a bad user profile. He had the same issue and an Apple tech told him to try creating a new user account and then import under that account, sure enough it worked.
V Storing encrypted data on an iPod
* Play question from Robert
* PodSecret from Pariahware
PodSecret - Pariahware
* iNotePad - VoJou
iNotePad - VoJou
* PGP Desktop Home 9.0
PGP Desktop Home 9.0
V Getting better game performance by moving the files
* Listener Tim in the UK found out an very interesting way to improve the performance of your mac games
* He recently installed "Battlefield 1492" from Aspyr and was getting poor framerate performance.
V He contacted support and they told him:
* "...avoid installing the game to Applications or the Desktop; there
are permissions conflicts that can arise when games are installed
here. Games work best when they are installed in the Users/Shared
folder or in a separate games folder on the top/root level of your
hard drive."
* This can sometimes just be fixed by moving the game, no reinstall required.
* Tim was wondering why and I suggested that maybe just running repair permission would have the same affect, but it didn't.
V iTunes Music without "bonus" content
* Play question from Chris
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