MacCast 10.18.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Oh, and one more other thing...
* Apple is planning another announcement this week?!!
* Apple will hold a press conference on the eve of the PhotoPlus Expo 2005 to "unveil Apple's latest pro innovations".
* I would assume this to finally be the new PowerMacs and possibly new PowerBooks.
* The PowerMac should top out with a dual dual-core PowerPC 970MP processor with a $3000 price tag and have DDR2 memory and PCI-Express video cards. The Mid and low end should be either dual single core or single dual core processors.
* The PowerBook update will most likely be less substantial. Possibly DDR2 memory, PCI-Express graphics, and dual-layer SuperDrives. Maybe a high-density 1920 x 1200 display on the 17" model. No processor upgrade expected.
* These are assumed to be the final PowerPC updates to the PowerMac and PowerBook lines.
* I doubt we will see Intel based systems early, but Apple shocked me last week, so who knows.
V Apple's 4th Quarter earnings were best ever
* Fourth-quarter net income surged more than 300 percent to $430 million. Highest-ever earnings and sales for a quarter and year.
* That translates to 50 cents a share, up from the previous year's fourth-quarter earnings of $106 million, or 13 cents a share.
* Strong iPod and Back-to-school sales attributed to the growth.
V Apple appoints new iPod VP and COO
* Tony Fadell ("Father of the iPod"), head of iPod engineering, will become senior vice president of the iPod division next year. He will succeed Jon Rubinstein who is retiring.
* Tim Cook, Apple's vice president of worldwide sales and operations will assume the role of COO. Cook recently served as an acting CEO while Steve Jobs underwent Cancer treatment last year.
V Samsung in trouble. Apple backs out of joint venture.
* Samsung is being fined $300 million dollars by the Justice Department for price fixing DRAM. The fix effected Dell, HP, Apple, IBM, Gateway and others
* Samsung and Apple are also being investigated by the South Korean Fair Trade Commission over pricing Apple received for the Flash memory in the Nanos.
* Now it looks like Apple is pulling out of a proposed $3.8 billion joint-venture with Samsung to build flash chips for portable devices because of growing “anti-Samsung sentiment” among “political and civic groups” in Korea.
* Apple is already in talks with another flash chip maker for a similar venture
V Apple trademarks "Vingle"
* Uncovered by the Unofficial Apple Weblog
* The trademark covers, "“Telecommunication services, namely, electronic transmission of streamed and downloadable audio and video files via computer and other communications networks"
* The theory is the term is the merging of the words "video" and "single", but the trademark also covers "on-line chat rooms, bulletin boards and community forums for the transmission of messages among computer users concerning entertainment, music, concerts, videos...", etc
V Apple drops plans for 3rd Manhattan Retail Store
* Apple will not longer develop a 3rd retail store in Manhattan's Flatiron District.
* Will focus on completing the development of a much larger location in Midtown in the underground concourse of the GM building
V Apple begins running Eminem iTunes ad
* The ad which is a variation on the iTunes silhouette ads was shown twice during Apple's iMac and iPod with video announcement
Apple Eminem iTunes ad
* The ad showed up briefly on Apple's web site and then was mysteriously removed.
* Some speculate it may be because of a similarity to a 2002 Lugz shoe ad
2002 Lugz TV Ad
* Apple has a problem with an Eminemad during their "Switcher" campaign that resulted in a lawsuit.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V MacPro Sweeper
* Play MacPro Podcast sweeper
V Correction, game is 1942
* I incorrectly said Battlefield 1492 instead of 1942. Doh!
V Correction, PodSecret not PodLock
* I accidentally referred to the Pariahware software for securing files on an iPod as PodLock, that is a utility from Micromat. The correct name is PodSecret—Pod Secret—Pod Lock
V Secure iPod files with encrypted disk image
* Use Apple's Disk Utility to an encrypted disk image on the iPod of the size you want, mount the image, copy files to it and then unmount it.
* Listener Joel recommends another utility called Crypt
Crypt, file and folder encryption
V Reactions to Apple's "One more thing..." event
* Craig Patchett points out the iPod with video removes the 8KHz recording limitation and now offers two rates. Low (22.05 KHz, mono) High (44.1 KHz, stereo)
* Remy points out the removal of the "remote" port on the top making some accessories, like the iTrip and iTalk, obsolete
* New iPods ship with a new case, so some feel scratches may still be an issue.
* ABC Affiliate stations are unhappy that they were not consulted prior to the Apple iTunes video deal. They consider the deal competitive.
* The unions representing actors, writers and the others who actually make the programs are also upset. The screen actors guild wants 3.6% of each $1.99 download. The studios want to treat the internet downloads the same way DVD sales are treated, which would result in lower payments.
* No fast forward or rewind of videos?!! Hello?
V Jeremy want's to see it be "hackable". Play comment
* I'm not sure if it's necessary. You can create and place your own video content on the iPod. H.264 or MPEG-4
* Article on converting DVDs to iPod compatible format, but should also work for converting any type of video.
Putting a DVD on your new iPod with Video
V Adam's Vidcasts
* Systm
* Diggnation
* Command-N
* Tiki Bar TV
Tiki Bar TV
* Listener Tom sent in a screenshot. iTunes 6 now reminds users to backup their purchased music after it has been downloaded.
V We all want FrontRow
* Possibly part of next iLife
* Apple could sell and IR USB Adapter or allow it to work via the new Universal Dock
* Oscar says sign the petition
FrontRow Petition
* Small change in iMac port configuration, they are now horizontal instead of vertical
* Apple no longer offers a VESA mount adapter for the iMac G5
* Along with the eMac the U2 iPod is also no longer available.
V More iPod scratch preventions and solutions
* Listener Greg says try a product used for aircraft windshields, Meguiars Mirror Glaze 17 plastic cleaner
* Decalgirl protectors
* Richard recommends, "Hugo's Amazing Tape". Which is used to prevent thread from unravelling.
Hugo's Amazing Tape
V Anyone using GDisk?
* Listener Garfield found this and wanted feedback
* Allows you to use your GMail account for storage.
V Is firewire truly "hot swappable"?
* Especially with DV cams. I have had several people tell me about ports being "fried" on their cameras
* Many suggest that you make sure to only connect or disconnect the camera with the power off. Good news is this only seems to effect the cameras firewire port and not the Macs.
V MacCast One Minute Tip #6 - Surviving Crashes
* Play Tip
* The One Minute Tip Podcast
V Tip: Resizing attached photos in Apple Mail
* Tip submitted by Francesco
* When not using the Share-->Mail feature in iPhoto
* Create a new message, drag your photo into the message body. Now you should see a drop-down in the lower right corner. There you can select the image size. options are Small, Medium or Large. On the left it shows the message size
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