MacCast 10.26.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Corrections
* New PowerMac ALL support up to 16GB of RAM
* $200 price drop was on the 23" Cinema Display, not the 20"
V iTunes Music store Australia launched.
* Apple launched the store Monday
* Tracks are one price $1.69 ($1.25 USD) AU and albums from EMI are only available as single tracks, not whole albums
* Also Sony BMG music is missing. Apple is working on it.
* Music videos are available $3.39AU ($2.55USD), but no TV shows.
V Matt sent price comparison with other download services
* iTMS: $1.69 per song, $16.99 for most albums
* Bigpond: $1.89 per song, $18.50 for albums
* nineMSN Music: $1.49 per song, $14.99 for albums
* Kmart (retail store): approx. $5 for a single, approx. $20 for an album
V Apple also added a large collection of Chinese music to the US Store
* A deal with The Orchard, the leading distributor and marketer of independent music in the world
V ITunes Biggest competition is P2P
* Over 600 million songs sold. 80% share of the legal music download market in most countries.
V MacWorld Benchmarks new Dual Core G5s
* Read the article
Dual Core G5 Benchmarks
* Performance of a single dual-core turns out to be the same or better then 2 single core processors
* The dual-core 2.3GHz Power Mac fared better than a single-core dual-processor 2.3GHz model in six of our seven tests.
* UT 2004 frame rates were a little better due most likely to the new PCI Express graphics
* The Quad was not available for testing, but we can only imagine.
V The Lower Power Power PC
* The new processor PowerPC 970MP in the G5s has a trick up it sleeve. It can save power in a number of ways.
* One core can be shut down when not needed. Can also cut its frequency by half or a quarter going from 100 watts to 60 or 40 respectively.
* Offers low power mode and a deep nap mode where the frequency is cut to 1/64. Consuming 5 watts with both cores active 3 with one core.
V FrontRow and PhotoBooth showing up online
* As expected these new apps are showing up on file sharing sites
* FrontRow is hacked to avoid requirement for a remote present at startup. Also includes a bezel frameworks for 10.3.9.
* Great article (with video) on the Unofficial Apple Weblog showing FrontRow running on a Mac Mini. Looks like it runs great. Some issues with DVD and Music playback.
FrontRow on Mini
* They are both small apps weighing in at around 5MB each.
V Tiger update may be out soon
* Last release, build 8F45, seeded to developer listed no know issues.
* Monday build 8F46 was released to testers
* Expected to be over 100MB with over 550 updates and improvements. Some reports say with undocumented fixes there are over 1100.
V New Apple retail store Oct 29th
* Thousand Oaks, CA
* 10:00 AM at the Oaks Mall
* Apple Portugal? Listener Nuno says he received and email confirming there will be one soon.
V Apple will replace broken 5th Gen iPods no questions asked
* For a limited time Apple told authorized service providers to replace fifth-generation iPod products that exhibit "any type of hardware failure," including "those that would normally be classified as abuse.
* There are no reports of any know issues with the new devices.
* According to the ArsTechnica they feel the new iPods ARE prone to scratches like the Nano.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V I GMail, you GMail, everybody GMails? Not quite.
* I have quickly run out of invites, didn't know so many people still wanted GMail accounts.
V In the US with a cell phone you can self invite
* Simply open a google account, tap into the gmail area and click on the cell phone button. Gmail will send a text message with an invitation code.
* US only, I think.
* Don't forget MacGoogle. Returns more Mac/Apple-centric results.
Mac Google
V Getting your Gadgets Back
* Listener Tom recommends StuffBak
* Apply a label/sticker from StuffBak a phone number, website and a reward notice. Register the labels online or vis phone.
* Turns out, when this label with the reward notice is present, the odds of getting your lost items back increase dramatically.
V There are also software solutions, like MacPhoneHome ($29.95) and LapCop ($25.00USD)
Mac Phone Home Site
LapCop Site
* Sends emails at a timed interval with the location of the Mac
V Getting your DVDs on to your iPod
* Play how to from Jerry
* Mac the Ripper is not longer available, shut down by Macrovision
* Can do it all with Handbrake.
Handbrake software
V How to offer remote Mac support to family and friends
* Play question from Lee
V Really easy from Mac to PC. Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac
Microsoft Remote Desktop Client
* Windows XP Professional
Windows Server 2003
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
Windows NT® Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition
* Virtual Network Client (VNC). There are security issues to be aware of, so do your research.
* Apple Remote Desktop 2. Works with any VNC computer. Pricey. 10-client $299.00
Apple Remote Desktop 2
* Timbuktu from Netopia
V Remotely access TV
* Play question from Oliver
* EyeTV from ElGato
* Use Personal file sharing to directly access your Mac
* Use a .Mac account and iDisk, plus an Automator/AppleScript to upload files
* .Mac plus Backup
* SlingBox from SlingMedia (PC Only)
V Apple Backup 3.0.1 released
* Addresses file restoration and other issues
V Special "Ped" discounts for MacCast listeners
* 10-20% off Ped stands for MacCast listeners
V Go to—maccast
* User Name: "maccast"
Password: "macgeek"
V MacCast 100th Show Submissions
V Send a postcard with name and email and address
* Adam Christianson
The MacCast
6965 El Camino Real
Suite 105-442
Carlsbad, CA 92009
United States of America
* One postcard per address please
* May be too late for most to get them in, but you can try.
V New site is up. Thank sponsors.
* Plasq, Comic Life
* Motion VFX, Stock Photos
* Animation Bureau, Animated desktops
* Toucan, Slideshow app from Boudewijn Pelt (bow-duh-wine)
* Buh Ba Ba Ba CD from Shagg
* $10.00 on iTunes from MacCast listener Tom McGuire.
* Catalog (Disc cataloger), N eometric Software
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