MacCast 11.01.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V OS 10.4.3 Update Released
* Almost 100 MB download
V over 550 bug fixes and possibly thousands more undocumented updates. Also some new features
* iChat can now be encrypted without needing to run your own server
* Safari now passes the Web Standards Project Acid2 compatibility test (Meets W3C recommendations for CSS1, HTML 4 and PNG support)
Acid2 Web Compatibility
* Including 7 security updates.
* Give me feedback on items you notice are fixed.
V Shortage of flash memory blamed on Apple
* There is a shortage of 1GB flash memory chips and Creative president Craig McHugh is blaming Apple and Samsung
* He's claiming it will effect Creative's ability to provide product for the Holiday season.
* I say Apple is brilliant!
V Unplayed podcasts blue dot on 5th Gen iPods
* This feature is added to Nanos and 5th Gen iPods
V Apple Airport ranks high in PC Mag survey
* The Apple router scored the highest in a survey of home networking routers
PC Mag Router Survey
* Ease of use, set up and reliability
* Linksys and Apple were named as reader choice
V Own a Mac? Amex doesn't want you.
* American Express' online employment application system locks out Mac owners
* Suggests using a local public library for internet access, local internet cafes, or the nearest government Work Force Center.
V Apple sells 1 million videos in 19 days
* This includes TV shows, Pixar shorts and Music videos
* Confirms the market for legal video downloads
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V It's a 5th Gen iPod, not a video iPod
* General consensus from the community is that the current iPod which play video should be called 5th generation iPods
* Many feel a true video iPod with a much larger screen is planned for the future. Nobody has any hard evidence to make this up, but many believe it.
V Getting electric shocks from iPod Headphones
* Play comment from Jay
V Follow-up on encoding video for iPods
* Kerry points out that Handbrakes H.264 encoding is in the wrong profile to work with the 5th Gen iPod. It uses the "main" profile. but the iPod requires using the 'Baseline" profile. MPEG-4 should work great though.
V For PC iPod owners, Makayama iPod Media Studio. $32.95 USD
iPod Media Studio - Makayama
* No need for Quicktime Pro, this will run on any PC with Windows XP, NT or Windows 2000.
V New iPods are driving QuicktimePro and AppleCare sales
* iPod AppleCare and QuickTime Pro especially on Windows.
V Follow-up on Mac remote control
* Microsoft remote desktop client only works with XP professional
V Many feel VNC is the way to go.
* Works with Macs, PCs, Linux and UNIX
* VNC server support is built in to OS X. Go to Preferences-->Sharing-->and check on Apple Remote Desktop. Then check the VNC users may control screen with password box and set a password.
* If you want another VNC server, Red Stone Software OSXvnc
Red Stone Software VNC
* For a client try Chicken of the VNC
Chicken of the VNC
* Great How To article on this at, includes some info on security.
Mac VNC How To -
V Follow-up on remote TV viewing
V Several listeners pointed out CyTV which works with ElGato's EyeTV but allows you to stream video content (live or recorded) over the Internet.
CyTV from
* You can even change channels and pause and resume live TV
* Use Video Lan Client (VLC) to view the stream
V Follow-up: Apple Store Portugal
* This is actually called the Apple Centre by Multiple Zones Portugal, yes the same MacZone guys you have heard of.
Apple Centre Portugal
* Look very similar to the Apple store, but some listeners report they don't have quite the selection and many products are out of date by as much as 6 months.
V Stanford audio content on iTunes
* Listener Peter pointed out a special Stanford section on iTunes
* Faculty lectures, interviews, music and sports.
V Frappr MacCast map
* Listener Tim set up a Frappr map for the MacCast
Frappr MacCast Map
* I heard about this service on Diggnation. Uses google map APIs and allows pinpoints of locations with photos.
V MacCast 100th Show
V Play 100th show wishes
* CopCast
* Typical PC User Podcast
* It's the next show!!
V New site is up. Thank sponsors.
* Plasq, Comic Life
* Motion VFX, Stock Photos
* Animation Bureau, Animated desktops
* Toucan, Slideshow app from Boudewijn Pelt (bow-duh-wine)
* Buh Ba Ba Ba CD from Shagg
* $10.00 on iTunes from MacCast listener Tom McGuire.
* Catalog (Disc cataloger), Neometric Software
* Sleeves and Cases, MacCase
V DEVONthink Professional & DEVONagent, DEVONtechnologies
DEVONthink Professional
* Document and research organization database. Agent works with Think to help you collect data
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