MacCast 11.07.2005 - MacCast 100th Episode
wedge Opening
wedge Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
wedge Thoughts on 100 Episodes
wedge Show 0, The lost episode
* MacCast was born December 13th 2004. I think it was just a show announcing that I was going to be doing a show.
* Oldest episode in the archive is Show #1, December 15th, 2004.
* All episodes are availeble for download on the site
* Why I started the MacCast
* Who am I?
* What has the MacCast become?
* Where are we going?
wedge The Gifts
wedge 4GB MacCast Edition iPod Nano
* Recipient: Bob Ballinger (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)
* Plasq, Comic Life
* Motion VFX, Stock Photos
* Animation Bureau, Animated desktops
* Toucan, Slideshow app from Boudewijn Pelt
* Buh Ba Ba Ba CD from Shagg
* $10.00 on iTunes from MacCast listener Tom McGuire.
* Catalog (Disc cataloger), Neometric Software
* Sleeves and Cases, MacCase
* DEVONthink Professional & DEVONagent, DEVONtechnologies
DEVONthink Professional
* The full list of recipients are on the web site.
100th Show Gift Recipients
wedge News
wedge Apple having a hard time keep up with 5th Gen iPod demand
* There is now a 5-7 day wait time to ship orders
* Thoughts are it is a LED component for the backlight. Was also an issue for Nano
* Apple is also looking for a second supplier of LCD screens
wedge Airport Update 2005-001 released
* "fixes reliability and resolves AirPort compatibility issues with certain third party 802.11 cards and access points for Mac OS X v10.4.3 and later."
wedge Fix for Single Processor G5s in sight?
* A listener reports that an Apple Care rep on an escalated call said a firmware update should be out by the end of the year.
* They were waiting for the 10.4.3 update
wedge CBS in Talks with Apple for iTunes video content
* Of course price seems to be the big negotiation point
* There are also rumors of NBC in talks as well.
* Would be great for us if we can get more video content. Competition is good.
wedge King Kong Trailer available in iPod format
* Apple is now offering the theatrical trailer for Peter Jackson’s “King Kong" in iPod video format alongside small, medium, full-screen, and high definition versions.
King Kong Trailer
wedge Lugz tells Apple to stop running iPod Ad
* Lugz Footwear has sent a cease and desist letter to both Apple and its advertising agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day.
* A Lugz TV commercial from 2002 and Apple’s new iPod + iTunes spot featuring rapper Eminem have many similarities.
wedge Will we see new Intel iBooks and PowerBooks before June 2006
* AppleInsider thinks so.
wedge They say the have information that Apple is planning on having some Intel PowerBooks out as soon as April or May
* 15" PowerBook will be 20-25% smaller
* 12" no longer in the road map and 17" expected a few months after the 15"
* Both models to feature and integrated iSight
* IBook may be centered around a 13" widescreen model.
wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary
wedge Correction : VNC acronym
* VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, not Virtual Network Client or Virtual Network Connection
wedge OS 10.4.3 Update seem to be getting mixed reviews
* I had no issue what so ever. And most listeners are reporting good results.
wedge Many reports on
* Issues with fans running excessively. Fix by setting processor performance to "maximum" in the Energy Saver.
* Firewire drives, CD/DVDs not mounting. USB devices are not being recognized.
* Command-tab app switching is inflating the windowserver.log file
wedge What's fixed (and broken) in the OS 10.4.3 Update
* Some reported seeing a small update (~54MB) instead of the 99MB update
wedge Disk Utility can verify your computer's startup disk (volume) without requiring you to start up from another volume. This feature is called "Live Verification."
* Reports that is generating errors that are then not there and cannot be repaired when booted from another volume.
* iPhoto now supports more RAW formats including Canon
* 5th Gen iPods can now display contact pictures under 10.4.3 with iTunes 6
* Listener Geoff reports for him that the Onyx Utility is broken. There was an update just released not sure if it fixes the issue
Onyx - Titanium
* Mixed reports on iChat Video. Some say chats to PCs are fixed while it's broken for others
* Wayne, play comment on new file sharing window
* According to listener Johnathan, there is new information in login window. IP address and network information. Clicking on the computer name rotates through this info.
wedge Many confirm iPod headphone shocks
* This is a untold epidemic in the community
* Always from wooly or fleecy clothing
* Take off headphones before removing clothing
* Stephen says Griffin Ear Jams may help. These snap on to earbuds.
Griffin Ear Jams
* One listener claims it is power on the iPod and his girlfriends iPod mini was replaced by Apple. He also said Apple was aware of the issue.
wedge Why does iPod battery life never live up
* Apple never tells you under what conditions you will get that 20 hours of battery life
wedge Many factors shorten Battery life
* Shuffle, skipping, backlight, large files.
* It's suggested that you completely deplete the battery from time to time. Say once a month. I have heard continual charging can severely shorten battery life.
wedge More iPod video conversion tools
wedge Videora iPod (Windows), does not require Quicktime Pro
* Play review from Nick
wedge For Mac
* Podner
Podner iPod Video Converter
* PSPWare
PSPWare Software
* iSquint
iSquint iPod Video Converter
* People report better performance with these tools.
wedge Why no Firewire in new iPods and USB 2 Solutions for older Macs
* Many people are not happy with Apple decision to drop Firewire support from the iPods (Nano and 5th Gen).
* From what I have read size was a factor due to the controller. Chip?
* PCI Upgrade cards
* PCMCIA Cards for PowerBooks
* Need solutions for iMac G4s and iBooks? Any thoughts?
wedge Soundtrack Pro multitrack project issues
* Play comment from George
* Can we help him out? Is Apple aware and working on a patch?
wedge Thank Yous
wedge Gifts from Amazon Wish-list
* Alan Claughan from South Africa for his VERY generous gift. A white 30GB 5th Gen iPod. Sweet.
* Oliver from San Francisco and Dan from Calgery for the DVDs
wedge T-Shirt from Podcasters Unite
* They are supporting podcasters. If you buy a shirt from them enter during checkout and I get a buck.
wedge Closing
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