MacCast 11.10.2005
wedge Opening
wedge Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
wedge News
wedge Apple files patent for "tamper resistant" code
* Apple has filed patent application 20050246554 titled “system and method for creating tamper-resistant code.
Apple 'tamper resistant" patent
* Filed in April 2004
* Many assume this is for a system that may be employed to protect OS X on the new Intel systems
* Even more interesting the patent describes a process or installing one OS as a primary OS with another installed as a secondary.
* We already know Apple is going to allow for dual booting, but will they give us "live-switching"?
wedge Apple files trademark for Rosetta
* Technology to allow new Intel based Mac to run older PowerPC based apps
* The emulation technology only support apps that don't use the Altivec technology in G4 and G5 chips,
* Performance is said to be somewhere between 70-90% of native
wedge Cingular drops ROKR phone price by $100
* Due to lagging sales and a luke warm reception it is now $149.00 USD with a 2-year contract
* Why would you want this when the next RAZR V3i, is due out with iTunes?
Motorola RAZR V3i
wedge Lennon catalog available for download, but not on iTunes
* A newly released two-CD greatest-hits collection, "Working Class Hero," was released Monday. With the rest of the catalog available Dec. 5 in Britain and Dec. 6 in the United States.
* Will be sold on Napster, Rhapsody, MSN Music and Yahoo Music Unlimited. Not iTunes
* Due to ongoing name trademark dispute between the Beatles' Apple Corps and Apple Computer.
* In a settlement over a 1989 dispute Apple Computer paid the Beatles' Apple Corps $27 million dollars and agreed to not enter the music business.
wedge CBS and NBC to offer $0.99 on demand, but no iTunes downloads (yet)
wedge NBC announced a deal with DirectTV with digital downloads available to DirectTV DVR customers.
* No commercials
* Available for one week after download
wedge CBS shows will be available to Comcast digital cable customers in markets served by CBS-owned TV stations (Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Baltimore and some outlying suburbs of New York City.)
* Will retain commercials
* For the NBC shows you need the DVR. Hello? You have a DVR why do you need to buy the show?
* OnDemand implies they will be available for a limited time, right?
* Not sure if this means deals with Apple are totally off.
wedge A history of Mac Browsers.
* Darrel Knutson maintains an extensive list of Mac Browsers (or apps with browsing capabilities) on his site. He is at 83 and counting
83 Mac Browsers
wedge Rumors of Intel Mac Minis at Macworld
* We can dream can't we?
wedge Apple Store to open in Brea, CA on Saturday
* Grand opening at the Brea Mall at 10:00 AM Saturday
* They will have an Apple Studio where they help you with Digital media projects
wedge Apple "Concierge" to help with Genius Bar woes
* Apple will be updating it's Genius Bar reservation system with "Concierge"
* Designed to reduce wait times, the system will separate out iPod issues from Mac issues.
* High volumes of iPod customers seem to be a major source of delays.
* Apple will also be working to increase the number of Geniuses on duty
wedge iDoom 1.1 released for iPods
* iDoom Doom for iPods
IDoom, Doom for iPods
* Now has configurable controls and supports Nanos or any iPod that runs iPodlinux
wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary
wedge New MacCast VidBits
* Thanks to Mike Caputo from Animation Bureau for the first segment
* Plan to sprinkle these in the feed from time to time, so set schedule.
* Short 5-10 min videos on relevant Mac topics.
wedge Correction : MacPlus Hard Drive
* Of course it was 20MB, not GB
wedge Play Windows Media Files in Quicktime
* Flip 4 Mac's WMV Player ($9.99 USD)
Flip4Mac WMV Player
* a QuickTime component is installed in /Library/QuickTime, a preference pane is installed in /Library/Preference Panes, and two browser plug-ins are installed in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
* You can open files that use Windows Media Video (WMV) format versions 7, 8, 9, SD, and HD, as well as Windows Media Audio (WMA) format versions 7, 8, 9, Professional, and Lossless, within QuickTime Player
* Windows Media files play in your browser with the Quicktime interface and controls.
* I had mixed success with the plugin and playing WMV in Quicktime
wedge Why software Updates can vary in size
* Listener Ryan found a page on Apple's support site that explained the reason
Why OS X updates vary in size
* "Software Update preferences is able to offer a "smaller-sized Delta" update than you might expect, or smaller than what you might see on other computers installing the same update."
wedge Dictionary not working on clean OS 10.4.3 install
* Listener Peter cannot get the Dictionary app to see the Dictionary files
* This is documented on—Dictionary-Not-Working
* The files are there, but don't show up in the app
* Tried it all, repairing permissions, login in as another user, recreating the folder, etc.
wedge Strange keyboard mouse behavior after 10.4.3 update
* Play comment from Antonio
* Workaround, unplug the mouse before closing up the laptop
* Listener Michael reports a similar issue where his keyboard does not respond to the first key-press after waking up from sleep. It does work on the second key-press.
wedge Spoofing browser header to access "non-mac" sites
* Opera
* SafariEnhancer
wedge Review: Visual Thesaurus 3
* Play Charles' review of Visual Thesaurus 3 by Thinkmap, Inc.
wedge Get Info window now displays Architecture
* Nick points out the new feature
* PowerPC or Intel
* PhotoBooth may be the first released universal binary app
wedge Any real world experiences with PocketPC sync apps?
* Hollywood Denny needs some first hand reviews
* The Missing Sync and Pocket Mac Pro. How well do they really work?
wedge DON'T buy a Mac for Christmas
* Shocking I know.
* MacWorld is in January and there is bound to be some great new stuff out, so don't disappoint yourself.
* If you are the type of person who doesn't care, then by all means put a new Mac under the tree.
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* Didn't have time to get these in the mail
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