MacCast 11.16.2005
wedge Opening
wedge Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
wedge Expo Report
wedge The Podcasting and Portable Media Expo
wedge What an awesome event. A Podstock with all the major Podcasters on hand. A who's who of podcasting
wedge PodShow Crew
* Adam Curry, Dawn and Drew, CC Chapman, Chris MacIntyre (PodcastAlley), Madge
* Brother Love and Chance (PodSafe Music Network Concert)
wedge L.A. and Orange County Podcasters
* Dan Klass, Lance Anderson, Michael Geoghegan, Craig Patchett, John Chambers
wedge The Tech Podcasters
* Todd Cochrane, Adrian Bacon, Ken Crockett, Tim Verpoorten, Lance Heath
wedge The Friends In Tech (FIT) Crew, Special thanks to Victor
* Chuck Tomasi, Douglas Welch, Steve Holden, Kevin Devin, George Starcher
wedge IT Coversations
* Doug Kaye and Paul Figgiani
wedge PodioBooks
* Scott Sigler, Mark Jefferey, Evo Terra
wedge Developers
* Steve Harris (Reinvented Software), August (iPodderX), Paul Kafasis (Rogue Amoeba), Mike Talmadge, Dave Chekan (Libsyn)
wedge Others
* Phillip Torrone (Make), Soccer Girl, Mark Hunter (Tartan Podcast), Dave Slusher(Evil Genius Chronicles), Robert Walch (Podcast 411)
* Had an audience with the PodFather
* Made appearances on TWiT and was live on KFI. Thanks Leo!
* Great sessions. Kudos to the Podcast Brothers for a great show.
* Thanks to all the fans who took a moment to say hi.
* Look forward to next year.
wedge News
wedge iPod Nanos now shipping with sleeves
* Reports first started showing up on message boards over at iLounge
* Looks like Apple silently slipped in new cases for Nanos, similar to those for the 5th Gen iPods
wedge Macs not immune to Sonys DRM tricks
* At least some Sony CDs contained installers for a couple of kernel extensions
* Unlike Windows, the system would have prompted you for a password prior to installation
* The Installer is on the CDs, but would need to have been run manually, since there is no "auto-run"
wedge Jobs offers OS X free to $100 laptop project
* Project announced in January by Nicholas Negroponte, the founding chairman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab
$100 Laptops
* A nonprofit organization called One Laptop Per Child that was set up to oversee the project.
* Aims to get laptops in the hands of school children in developing countries. Has a screen that can be run in color or b&w to save power. features a handcrank for power
* The Wall Street Journal said Jobs was turned down because One Laptop Per Child wanted the OS to be open source and able to be tinkered with. The devices will use RedHat
* In a clarification to CNet Negroponte said Jobs' offer applied only to China and that officials in China actually rejected it last year because they preferred Open Source and Linux.
* One Laptop Per Child never discussed OS X but agrees with China's position.
* Listener Jason wants you to sign his petition
Petition for OS X in Developing Countries
wedge Cell phones may interfere with 5th gen iPods
* An unconfirmed story on Engadget says, " certain amounts of radio interference emitted by cellphones can drive an iPod with video freaky crazy wild"
* Does the new iPod have less RFI shielding?
wedge iPodder Lemon latest victim in Apple's iPod name protection assault
* Lawyers from Apple requested the name change because they say it suggested a connection to the company's flagship iPod device.
* The new name is Juice. Developers girlfriend gets credit for the name.
Juice Reciever
wedge iPodder X must be next, although I forgot to ask August about it. Ray just had a baby so he didn't make the conference
* MacCast coupon is still good so use 'maccast' at checkout to get $5.00 off
wedge Apple G5 Firmware Update released
* Finally maybe some relief for the single processor G5 issues
Apple G5 Firmware Update
* For the 1.8 GHz, (600 MHz bus), single-processor Power Mac G5 (Late 2004) computer.
wedge First seed of OS 10.4.4 is released to developers
* Build 8G7 delivers about 30 fixes and improvements
* Addresses bugs in Quartz Composer, DVD Playback and issues with GarageBand and USB/Firewire audio
wedge Three new Apple Store opening this weekend
* The Beverly Center in Los Angeles, CA
* Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks, CA
* The Gateway in Salt Lake City, UT
* All stores open at 10:00 AM Saturday and feature Apple Studios
* MacCast Gallery
wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary
wedge My iPod impressions
* So thin, screen seems massive compared to my old Photo.
* Video's look awesome, but can sometimes skip at the start
* Clicks seem a little less responsive
* I love that when you switch to full album art view it stays there.
* Carries over iTunes interface elements. Blue dots (unheard), Video icon.
* TV out video quality is much better than expected. All depend on the quality of the original video, but TV shows from iTunes are almost DVD quality.
wedge Quad Cores look to deliver on expectations
* BareFeats posts some results from benchmarks on a stock Quad system
BareFeats Quad Tests
* The MacsOnly review confirms the fast benchmark times, but doesn't see much of a jump in real world numbers.
MacsOnly Quad Tests
wedge When will you be getting your iPod Settlement
* Play question from August
* Apple iPod Settlement Page has details and a copy of the Proposed settlement
* A Fairness hearing was supposed to have been held, Thursday, August 25, 2005, at 1:30 p.m.
* The case has to go through appeals, who knows how long that may take?
wedge Origin of the "sosumi" system sound
* Play comment from Wayne
wedge Moving your "Libraries" doesn't always work out
* Greg moved his iPhoto Library and now Keynote's media browser doesn't display thumbnails.
* While you can move these, I personally have found it is not a good idea.
wedge Closing
wedge The iTunes Experiment follow-up
wedge Dropped out of iTunes 100 which I think is based only on recent subscribers
* Let's see what happens if we all unsubscribe and re-subscribe
* Didn't seem to make a difference. Oh well, worth a shot eh?
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wedge "Sun Lotion" by Steadman
* Meet him while doing TWiT at the Expo
* Over 150 free tracks on the band web site
wedge Promos
* The Pocket and the Pendant
The Pocket and the Pendant
* Real Gamerz
* PodCacher