MacCast 11.19.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V Expo Report
V The Podcasting and Portable Media Expo
* Special shoutout to Victor from the TypicalPC User Podcast
* Took time out to help me get to the Apple Store Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga
V News
V Concierge launched, looks slick
* I wish they had this when I went with Victor
* Very nice "front row" like interface.
* Schedule appointments by category, iPod, Mac, OS X, Switching and One on One Training
* Pro Care customers up to one week in advance, everyone else same day.
V MacWorld Rumors are getting out of hand
V Intel processors, iMacs, iBooks and Mac Minis
V Think Secret claims to have info from the same sources that leaked the Mac Mini and iPod Photo
* Intel iBooks with the line expanded and up to a $200 price drop
* New iPod Shuffle, smaller than a stick of gum similar sizes and pricing, possibly in multiple colors
* My theory of Apple's new "leak everything" strategy. Obfuscate and confuse.
V EMI needs to get their story straight
* First their chairman, Alan Levy came out and said would have differential pricing on the iTunes Music Store in 12 months.
* Then they stated that their currently Windows only DRM'd CDs would be iTunes and iPod compatible soon.
* Apple had no response to the pricing and publicly denied they would have compatibility with the EMI discs
* EMI may be trying to use Apple's rep to distance their Macrovision based DRM technology from Sony's
V iPod battery settlement appealed, but not by Apple
* A notice on the site confirms the decision was appealed
* Settlement benefits will depend on the out come of the appeal which could take a year or more
* Apple representative said they were not appealing the settlement and offered no further comment
V Security vulnerability discovered in iTunes
* eEye Digital Security discovered a vulnerability that could allow attackers to remotely control a computer
* This flaw existed on the earlier version of iTunes 6 for Windows and was not addressed by the newest security update. They are testing to see if the flaw could effect OS X
* The flaw could allow malicious code to be launched remotely when a link is clicked in a web site or email
* No reports of anyone actually using the exploit
V Apple COO appointed to Nike Board
* Apple's COO Tim Cook was appointed to the Nike Board of Directors
V Motorola plans new ROKR for 2006
* New features expected include a 1 megapixel camera, a 3.5mm earphone jack, capacity to hold 1000 songs, and a "sleek new look".
V Company to offer non-iTunes DRM'd music for iPods
* A company called Navio claims to have reverse engineered Apple's FairPlay technology and plans to allow music companies to sell songs that will play on iPods without going through Appleā€™s iTunes store.
* This is similar to what Real Networks did a while back.
V FrontRow 1.0.1 Update released
* Front Row Update delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for browsing music, photos, and videos on your iMac.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Another Apple Store Opening this Weekend
* Trafford Centre in Manchester (UK). Thanks to Eddie for pointing that out.
V Tip on sharing and storing iTunes/iPhoto libraries
* Play comment from Ed
* The problem I had with aliases
V How to use a standard camcorder A/V cable with your 5G iPod
* Get a 1/8" 3-band to RCA camcorder A/V cable.
V The trick is Apple reconfigured the connections
* Plug the red RCA plug into your TV's yellow RCA jack.
* Plug the yellow RCA plug into your TV's white RCA jack.
* Plug the white RCA plug into your TV's red RCA jack.
V Tip to improve 5G responsiveness
* Play tip from Dan
V Address Book learns some PhotoBooth tricks
* Can use a camera (iSight) attached to your Mac to take an Address Book picture.
* Kory points out that in OS 10.4.3 it has the same 3,2,1 countdown as in Apple's new PhotoBooth software
V Customizing your Macs interface
* Play question from Jonathan
* Panic CandyBar
Panic Candybar
V Iconfactory for icons
* Pixadex for management (iPhoto for icons)
V Unsanity. Haxies and Application Enhancers (APE)
* ClearDock
Unsanity ClearDock
* ShapeShifter
Unsanity ShapeShifter
V ResExcellence site for info on customizing your Mac interface
* Site crashed so it's down at the moment
V Screen issues appearing with new 15" PowerBooks
* Listener Onno reports on a disturbing development with the screens on some 15" Powerbook
* Information on this site
* The screens have anomalies that look like "scanlines" or a "screen" pattern across the display. Alternating lines of lighter and darker lines.
* I don't know. The photos are really close up and when you look that close on any LCD you do see the "grid" of LCDs. The first image that looks like scanlines does appear to be a defect.
V 10.4.3 update and monitor resolution issues
* Play comment from Trevor
* Switch Res from Madrau
V Closing
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V "Sex in a Box" by Granian
* From the Pod Safe Music Network
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