MacCast 11.30.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V- News
V Apple releases iPod Shuffle update
* Apple says it addresses "bugs" in the Shuffle
* No other models updated
V Highlights from Apple's 10-K filing
* Apple on Thursday filed their Form 10-K, an annual report with the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC).
* Mac net sales increased 27 percent over last year. That is a unit sale increase of 1.2 million units
* The average sales price of a Mac decreased 7 percent
* Education sales improved too. 21 percent in higher education and 11 percent in K-12
* Apple sold 28 million iPods, 248 percent revenue and 409 percent unit increase year over year.
V Apple opened 38 new retail store in 2005.
* Retails sales doubled to $2.4 billion which is an annualized revenue per store of $22.4 million.
* Apple’s operations reported operating income of $151 million during 2005, compared to $39 during 2004
* R&D spending was up 9 percent from 2004 to $534 million
V AnandTech reviews next gen Intel Yonah Chip
* Great review of the next Gen Intel chip.—Yonah
* The new Yonah. Will this be the chip in the Intel Macs announced at MacWorld?
* Dual-core, extremely low power consuming, better optimized for multimedia and 3-D than current Pentium-M chips.
* Can quite live up to the current Athlon 64 X2 desktop chips, but that what the new Conroe and Merom chips will be for at the end of the year.
V Possible security flaw in QuickTime
* bug hunter Tom Ferris reported the flaw
* "The vulnerability allows an attacker to reliably overwrite heap memory with arbitrary data in order to execute arbitrary code on a targeted host,"
* According to Farris an attacker could commandeer a computer running Windows or Mac OS X by tricking a user into opening a malicious media file.
* Ferris offers a screenshot of a QuickTime player that has crashed on a Windows XP machine as proof of the bug.
V- FOX exec says they would be open to iTunes deal
* Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chairman James Gianopulos says they would be open to a deal with Apple Computer's iTunes music and video service.
*X I really hope Steve and Apple jump on this opportunity. The simpsons and X-Files alone would make them a lot of money.
V Apple may offer "streaming" video downloads
* According to Think Secret "sources". The service would be launched along with the also ThinkSecret rumored new MacMini
* Claim Apple already has content lined-up from NBC, CBS, and Paramount.
* Purchases would be stored on .Mac iDisks and be streamed on demand via FrontRow 2.0. Apple would also allow direct transfer to iPod.
V Apple iTunes 100 millionth European download contest
* The customer who downloads the 100 millionth song from any of the European iTunes stores will receive a 17-inch iMac G5, a 30GB iPod, a 10,000-song gift card for the iTunes Music Store, and two tickets to see Robbie Williams in concert.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V MacCast One Minute Tip #8 - Messy Desktops
* Play MacCast One Minute Tip
V Correction on installer optimization
V Listener Juan pointed out that it is not optimizing the hard drive, but updating the pre-bindings.
* Pre-binding simply creates a "list" of what files are needed as you launch an application, where they reside on your disk, and in what order they need to be read and loaded
* OS X does have many technologies for keeping your disk from becoming fragmented. Good overview of these technologies in this article from Macsimum—Disk Optimization
V Good tip for optimization from Gary
* Create a separate partition for your audio or video projects. Could also just purchase a dedicated hard drive.
V Laptop Insurance vs. AppleCare
* Play comment from Noah
* Insurance is more expensive. Can anyone vouch for SafeWare or other service?
* Many credit cards also offer purchase protection (sometimes and extra cost).
V Expose and Drag and Drop are powerful allies
V Listener Allen points out that these two technologies can be used together with good results
* 1) Start dragging an item and then, without releasing the mouse button, hit F9 (or whatever the "miniaturize all windows" key is defined as) with the other hand to display all windows in miniature.
* 2) Drag the item on top of the miniaturized destination window and either hit F9 again or wait a couple of seconds to make the windows de-miniaturize with the destination window in front.
* 3) Drop the item in the appropriate area in the destination window.
V I use this technique all the time to move files around the Finder.
* Start dragging it and use the F11 key (or whatever...) to get all open windows out of the way and access the disks and folders on the desktop. Then utilize the spring-loaded folders feature to drop the item in the desired folder, even if it's several levels deep in the hierarchy.
V Sharing your GarageBand songs
* Since I have mentioned it a couple of times on the show many people are sending my their work. I can't and won't play them all on the show.
V Great garageband sharing sites
V Setting up a Mac home security system
* Play question
* Great article on Low End Mac. Using an old 6500/250, but you could use any one that had RCA video out.
Cheap Mac Video Surveillance
V EvoCam from Evological. Supports multiple USb and Firewire cameras and work with many of the wired and wireless net cams.—EvoCam
* Also the best WebCam software for the Mac. Runs the MacCast Cam.
V Closing
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